Boluwatife Osuji- A blend of beauty, brains, poise and grace

It’s another Wednesday and a day to celebrate a lady fulfilling God’s purpose for her life, achieving great feats and becoming a Prima Donna. Today’s WWW is Boluwatife Osuji popularly known as “Tifeinspires”. I came across this inspiring young lady on Facebook and I knew I had come across a great woman. Tife is a blend of beauty, brains, poise and grace! Enjoy my interview with this inspiring young lady!!!


May we meet you?

My name is Boluwatife Oluwasuji, fondly known as ‘Tife. I am a certified God-chaser, a purpose-driven woman who seeks to see people living out their potentials. I am a writer and the founder of BestHomes Inc. I am a member of Association of Certified Chartered Accountant and currently work as a financial analyst in a financial advisory & private equity firm.



What motivated or inspired you into becoming an accountant?


I think it was my love for numbers back in secondary school. And then possibly, the idea I had then that accountants are very rich people (Laughs)

What are the biggest challenges you face in your career and how are you overcoming them?

Not sure I can say there has been any challenge really but if this can count for one, I’d say to be a good finance professional, you’ve got to stay current and abreast of happenings in the economy. I think this counts for most careers.

I’m just five years into my career, so I am absolutely learning everything learnable and thankful that I work in an organization where I can put my learnings to practice.

You are an accountant and yet you own a healthy family life outfit (BestHomes). How do you combine them together?

I think it’s been God really and a very strong will and passion for healthy family living. I would also credit my relentless BestHomes team members; they run with the vision with every sense of responsibility.

Can you tell us what BestHomes is about?


BestHomes Inc. is a ministry with the sole aim of sharing values, insights and principles to help build truly solid and God-centered homes. It’s a vision God gave me in 2013, though inaugurated April 2014. BestHomes is a journey to listen in to God’s whole idea of family life; we shouldn’t go wrong God’s way. We have both formal and informal seminars where we discuss any and everything ranging from singlehood to parenting. We also have an annual worship evening where we practically enter into the Holy of Holies, going into even deeper realms with God.

How did you get the inspiration to start up the ministry?

I literally get a chronic heartache when I hear about divorces, separations, dysfunctional or broken marriages/homes. So, 7th of December 2013 at my cousin’s church wedding, as the preacher gave his sermon, it looked like I was in a ‘Start BestHomes’ revision class as I began to hear almost exact same words I had had in my spirit about BestHomes Inc. and what it stands for.

What will you say your biggest challenge has been in running your own outfit?

I would say time. I work a 5-10; I mean 5am-10pm, lol. But I have always believed that shouldn’t be a hindrance at least just yet. So, most times it’s just okay to burn the midnight candle for the outfit. I never let my day job come in the way of my ‘life job’ and of course, vice versa. It requires a little more commitment from me and I’m totally willing to give it. As much I wish I could have more than 24 hours a day, I’ve found that it’s just a wish  and I have since moved on.

Overcoming this time challenge, I try to make every second count by maximising the time spent at work to avoid taking work home or vice versa.

Also, I have team members who are committed to the Besthomes vision and so they assist in covering up certain logistics and other issues when I am caught up with my day job or something else.

You go by the name, “Tifeinspires”. Can you tell us a little about that?

(Laughs) Well the name ‘Tifeinspires’ was a divine ‘inspiration’ (no pun intended). Seriously though, I sincerely can’t remember how that name came about and stuck but as the days go by; it makes absolute sense to me.

If I must put some structure to it, the concept of tifeinspires has gotten its purpose from 1 peter 2 vs 9-10, “…God’s instruments to do His work and speak out for Him, to tell others of the night and day difference he made for you- from nothing to something, from rejected to accepted”. In my little life (don’t ask me how many years), I have found that I was sensitive about life and so I would turn every victory/mistake/discussion/happening into a life lesson. So basically, “tifeinspires” is a positively driven platform that seeks to inspire, motivate and encourage individuals to be the best version of themselves, living their lives to the fullest in God, leaving their comfort zones.

You come across as a knowledgeable young woman and you have spoken on various platforms. Will you tell us how a young lady like you turned out to be a “well of wisdom”?


Hmmm, without sounding spooky, I think it’s a gift from God really. I just have found grace. Most of the things I say or write are things I have myself experienced or gotten as an inspiration are from God’s word.
I wouldn’t even say am a well of wisdom yet maybe I am still a bowl of wisdom because am not there yet and daily, per time, I seek to be a better me.

Now, to Prima Donnaz, what do you think deters ladies from living up to their full potential and how can they overcome it?

I think over magnifying and emphasizing limitations, everyone has limitations o, but those who overcome it are those who live their full potential.

To overcome it, be intentional about life itself, widen your horizon, dare big things, run away from the status quo, God’s got you, never forget that.

Your advice to young ladies who’ve not discovered God’s plan for their lives?

I believe strongly that everyone has some sort of uniqueness that God has placed in them to fulfil his plan for their lives. I advise that they should tarry, look deep, and be conscious/sensitive about the graces upon their lives.
What things get you excited or sad? Basically, study yourself and be more than willing to let God guide you to His plans for your life. Also, I would say volunteer to be part of what you admire or love to do until you find your ‘living’ space.

A final word to young ladies on their journey to becoming Prima Donnaz?

Find your voice, take life with seriousness and this doesn’t suggest that you shouldn’t have fun, please do.
Be consistent and focused, chase/flee away from every limitation or distraction.
Above all else, put God first and foremost in everything. I should say that didn’t come natural to me as I have always been a strong-willed person, so I would feel I was in control until I got some ‘Divine Knocks’ that put me back in shape, lol, but I have since learnt that when you leave God in charge of your every affair, you would be and be seen as a leading lady.

Treat yourself as a queen/ princess that you are. The way you talk, act to be confident in your source and royalty.


Thanks Tife, for being our Wonder Woman today. You are awesome.


It is great to be on the Prima Donnaz platform.



8 thoughts on “Boluwatife Osuji- A blend of beauty, brains, poise and grace

  1. I know Tife n I can say with all confidence dat she s so much more… her thirst to learn s unimaginable!!!
    Surge ahead Darling, He’s gat U!!!


  2. Abiodun Adebisi August 19, 2015 — 4:16 pm



  3. Bolu is an humble and respected lady.I’ve known her for about 5years.If you have come in contact with her, you would know she is an embodiment of wisdom and beauty.Bolu keep on with the good job, the Lord is your strength.


  4. Goooii Bolu!!!… We the inner circle are proud of you. Well done.


  5. Sweet Tife…You need to meet her in person. Full of purpose and she is passionate abt it too. Sweetie it’s brighter and brighter for you in Jesus name. Keep inspiring and blessing lives.


  6. notanutelllalover August 20, 2015 — 5:43 pm

    i found this post on facebook and i decided to read it. whao! i am truly inspired. bolu and i went to the same high school, i am truly happy that God is letting His light shine through her. Her day job is so demanding then she has another job that she works hard to keep. i pray that God will continue to be your strength. i love how she said the other job is her life purpose. it is important that when you find your life purpose, you run with it. All the best, will look out for you in the stars!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Bolu and I went to the same high school. I’m truly honored to have had contact with you at all. God continually give you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of Him


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