The “Excellence” Strategy


Yaaaaay!!! It’s a new week and a brilliant day to put up a post. Today’s topic is Excellence!!!

Sometime ago, I interviewed a young lady (she has been featured on this blog), and asked her about her strategy in carving out a niche for herself in her profession especially in a male dominated society like ours. Hannah answered simply without hesitation, “My strategy is excellence”.

Similarly, in a chat, a rode model of mine said, “If I am not going to do anything with my heart, and do it excellently, I won’t do it at all”.

Now, mediocrity or average is easy. It’s easy to live passively, it is very easy not to give in your very best, it is easy to leave a work half done, it’s very easy to relax, it’s easy not to give in your all, mediocrity or average is very easy.

Excellence is what is difficult, giving in your best and even beyond your best is difficult, burning the midnight candles is difficult, striving and trying to attain perfection is difficult, excellence is difficult.

However, we must tread on this difficult path if we must attain greatness. Greatness does not just happen, it is not prayed into- it is worked into through the road of Excellence. You must give in your very best to life if you must take the very best from life. Seedtime and harvest, the good book says, shall never cease. You will get out of life what you give into life.

The people who have gained worldwide recognition did so through excellence. Think about it. The world will never, ever celebrate mediocres, the world will only celebrate people of excellence.

In your personal life-your day to day activities, speech, words, actions- be excellent, in your career or education- be excellent, in your relationships- be excellent, in your christian walk-be excellent. Allow excellence become your strategy. Practice excellence till it becomes a part of your being. Whatever you do, be excellent!

Refuse to give in half, refuse to give in laziness. Give in your very best, breathe excellence, practice excellence, be excellent!

Excellence starts with the very little things you do, no matter how insignificant a situation may be, be excellent.

So lovely Prima Donnaz, excellent is the strategy to greatness. Have an excellent week!


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