Doctor Phylis speaks on “Candidiasis”

Health is wealth! Oft times, we really do not value health until we fall into sickness. Health is invaluable and that’s why we are kick starting a new section on Prima Donnaz called, the “Doctor’s Quarters”. Here, we shall examine sicknesses peculiar to women, “how they are contacted”, “how to treat them”, and “how to avoid them”.

Our guest for today is Dr. Phylis Osumuo, and she shall be lecturing us on the infection called “Candidiasis”

Dr. Phylis
Dr. Phylis


It is an infection caused by the fungus- Candida albicans. Its Mode of contact includes sharing of conveniences- underwear and panties, wearing tight panties and tights with no ventilation. Since Candida is a fungus, it thrives in moist areas which are not regularly exposed to adequate ventilation.

Everyone is at risk of contracting Candida including virgins because the infection is not really sexually transmitted.


The symptoms include vaginal itching- the itching could be so serious leading to inflammation (redness of the area), vaginal discharge which is whitish in colour, could be copious (plenty) with curd like particles. If you put spoilt powdered milk inside water, there are some particles which appear on the surface- those are curds. The discharge from someone infected with C.albicans will contain such particles, Other symptoms are urinary tract infection- in some cases.. It however does not come with fever or offensive smell. Note that in ladies with a compromised immune system as a result of HIV/AIDS, the presentation could be worse and could pose a challenge to successful treatment


Treatment include antifungal medications, there are drugs such as Fluconazole tablets, vaginal creams such as Clotrimazole Vaginal Creams, As well as vaginal pessaries such as Clotrimazole Vaginal Pessaries,


Avoid sharing conveniences-avoid sharing other people’s underwear and pants, wear cotton underwear for proper ventilation, and very importantly, avoid douching. Some ladies over concentrate on washing their vaginas, some even go as far as washing inside of the vagina with soaps and antiseptics as one would scrub a wall. Please, the vagina isn’t dirty; it is just loaded with natural flora. Flora are microorganisms which protect the vagina from other incoming and harmful microorganisms. Douching depletes one’s micro flora and predisposes one to having infections. So, please, as much as you can, avoid douching. Also, avoid taking too much antibiotics. Antibiotics kills the vagina flora especially the bacteria- Lactobacillus spp. which helps to fight against yeast infection. And, take yoghurt as often as you can, especially the ones with live cultures.

A lady who has suffered Candidiasis can prevent reoccurrence through adequate and appropriate treatment. However, there are instances where reoccurrence could occur- in situations where the lady has HIV, Diabetes Mellitus as well as other immune compromising situations. Such people should be seen and evaluated by a doctor who will ensure adequate treatment and also forestall recurrences.

Thanks Dr. Phylis for this enlightening lecture!


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