“What to do until love finds you”


So, I got the title of this post from a book written by one of my mentors- Michelle Mckinney Hammond. I read the book, “What to do until love finds you” sometime in 2012, and…somehow, it changed me. Now, that is a book I recommend for EVERY lady- single or married. It is a must read for ladies determined to walk in the fullness of their calling.

I am not going to summarize the book for you- I’d only succeed at making a mess something so wonderful. I will just be sharing few tips on what I think every single lady should do and keep at till love finds you and even after. So, let’s go!


At times we get so consumed by the hustle-bustle of life, our desire to be found, loved and cherished by a man, that we forget to nurture our relationship with the one who loves us endlessly, selflessly and unfailingly. It’s in God we truly find love, peace and wholeness.

A solid relationship with God should be the first and most important desire of every lady- single or married. God created us for companionship, for his pleasure. Remember, how the bible describes the relationship between God and Adam- they had quality time to gist in the cool of the day. That sought of relationship a single lady ought to pursue after.

Love starts and ends with God. Surely, we may meet people along the way, yes, but love- true love starts and ends with God.


As a sequel for the previous point, God and his word are inseparable. If you are really consumed with the desire to have a solid and unshakable love relationship with the lover of your soul, then his word- The Bible- must become your life’s manual.

The bible says, “To study to show yourself approved unto God”. Stop waiting, stop groaning and whining for the appearance of Mr. Perfect, start studying! There is something about a woman wielding knowledge of the word of God, and loving God as well- she is attractive! Her eyes sparkle! Her whole body is full of light! Her mouth is full with words of wisdom! Oh! She is a sight to behold. Stop waiting, start studying.


Building from the previous points, in God-from his word- we find purpose. A poem starts by saying, “You are who you are for a reason, you are part of an intricate plan”. Have you ever wondered, “Why you are here?”, “Why you’ve got your specific gifts and talents”?, The “why” for living is the discovery of purpose!

Lady! Stop living life passively- and almost unconsciously! You are not here for no reason, you are not here to just school, graduate, get married, procreate, nurture and die! No! You are here for a definite purpose. You are specific. You have an assignment. You are a woman of purpose. So, by all means- don’t just live waiting for love without discovering who you are. Purpose attracts. When you discover and walk towards fulfilling your purpose, you’ll find Mr. On the way. Till then, discover and determine to become all that God wants you to be.

I’ll stop here for now, and continue next week Saturday. Take some time, read and reflect on these points, and act! Till then, don’t hold out on life, live, celebrate and soar.



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