Who said only guys have swag?
Hold it! I’m not trying to brag
I’m just saying, we know we’re ladies right?
And that a lady’s got proper style.

Hey, watch it! It’s not in showing off half your thighs or breasts,
Mind you, the boys actually laugh at you, when you think they are impressed.

I mean, those places are called private part,
So, come on ladies! Put together your act!
There’s no swag in wearing outfits that don’t really fit
Skimpy skirts, bogus gowns can make anyone curl back in retreat!

Look like a proper lady, the kind any man would want to make a queen,
Not the girl, who after gettting experimented on, finds herself in the bin.

Take care of your Spirit, soul and body,
Instead of looking like a fashion manikin- copy-copy, busy body.

Don’t just have the shallow kind of swag,
Have the deep and visisble LADY SWAG.


1 thought on “The “LADY SWAG”

  1. Yeah,baby!filled with nostalgic euphoria!


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