Last week, we started the topic, “What to do until love finds you”. Today, we shall look at the sequel to last week’s post. Here’s the link to the first part incase you missed it- https://primadonnaz.wordpress.com/2015/08/29/what-to-do-until-love-finds-you/


4. Develop yourself– Spiritually, (physically), relationally, psychologically, mentally, and in every way possible, GROW. Practice the principle of CANEI everyday. CANEI means continuous and never ending improvement.

A favorite scripture of mine is Prov 4:18, and I love how the Message Bible puts it, “The ways of right-living glow with light; the longer they live, the brighter they shine”. Study the word, meditate, pray, worship, interact, read books inspired by the Holy Spirit; read books, develop your mind, think, create, attend seminars, cultivate right habits, learn the art of managing a home, interview people you look up to as role models and mentors- take notes, internalize, practice. Ladies, by all means develop yourself.

There are a few men who adore “dull ladies”, if there are men at all. People will always celebrate intelligence, sharp mindedness- I for one, is a sucker for intelligent people- people with whom you can have intelligent conversations- be it on Christendom, sports, media, politics, education etc. Work on your mind till it becomes vast enough to feed others.

A lady who works on developing herself is attractive to a sane man. Did I forget to add developing the right character? Forgive me please! The importance of having the right character can never be overemphasized. The Virtuous woman described in Prov. 31 depicts a woman with sound character. Her price is surely above rubies! Your beauty may attract a man, yes, but character determines who stays in your life and who doesn’t. Beautiful lady, please, let your character be beautiful too.

5. Trade your gifts/talents


Develop your gifts/talents- Now, I am positive you know, no one was born without gifts/talents. I will describe a gift as something (an area) you naturally excel at without much effort.

Everyone was born with a unique gift/talent. I for one, discovered that I had a gift in scribbling when I was still a child. You may have a gift in teaching, drawing, writing, designing, creating, managing, organising etc- the list is endless. However, while you may be born with a particular gift, it takes a deliberate decision to develop on the gifts till it becomes a skill.

It is your RESPONSIBILITY to work your gifts. Just like our physical muscles get better with rigorous trainings and exercises, our gifts will only get better through trainings, practices, and exercises.

I remember during my undergraduate days, a friend took on the duty of teaching me and some friends to sing. Now, I am fortunate to be blessed with a somewhat sonorous voice (gift), but I had no idea that I could sing better than I did then. So, when this friend came our way, he began to teach us some techniques in singing (vibrato, aglipping, crescendo, etc). Then, he made us undergo some physical exercises (mostly mouth exercises) and advised us to minimize our intake of oily foods.

When I finally joined the choir, I was introduced to all sort of exercises such as eating of raw okra, ginger, garlic etc. (The effect of garlic-eating of garlic was horrible by the way, our breaths smelled!) (Laughs). However, with all of these exercises, I sure became a better singer!

In that same vein, to develop your gifts/talents- you must work at it. Get a mentor if you must, practice, they say makes perfect- keep working on your gift. I asked a senior friend some years back on how to improve my writing. He simply replied, “Keep writing and writing”, so, keep practicing and practicing. Also, watch youtube videos if you must, take online courses if you can, attend skill acquisition programmes if you can, DO whatever you can to develop your gifts/talents.

When you develop your gifts, it graduates to becoming a skill and when you trade that skill effectively and diligently, you’d be attracting prosperity.

You know what the bible says about gifts, “it brings a man before great men”. The MSG bible puts it this way, ” A gift buys attention; it buys the attention of eminent people” (Prov. 18:16) and concerning skill, the bible says, “Observe people who are good at their work- skilled workers are always in demand and admired; they don’t take a backseat to anyone” (Prov. 22:29)

I’m sure you’d want to attract a great man, yes? Yes! So my Prima Donna, develop yourself wholesomely (spirit, soul and body) and develop your gifts and talents.

I’ll stop here and allow you digest these points. See you next week Thursday for the continuation of this lesson.



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