We apologize for our inability to bring you our “www” for this week. Our supposed “Wonder Woman” was somewhere outside the country representing Nigeria and making us proud. You’d get to meet her immediately she comes back!

Now, let’s continue our series, “What to do until love finds you”

6. Learn a trade or…two: (I am going to take this point a little personal by the way)- Few weeks ago, I learnt the art of beadmaking. Let me tell you how I got there… During my NYSC 3 weeks orientation camp, I joined the Food Processing S.A.E.D (skills acquisition and entrepreneurial development) group. I was very much unfaithful, and I stopped attending lectures after camp.

Fast forward to my Passing Out Parade on the 2nd of July 2015. A friend of mine met with me and told me she was exhibiting her beads that day. I was surprised. It hadn’t occurred to me that I had let time glide by quickly without learning something (a skill, a trade). Seeing my friend display her works that day, made me jealous a bit, then angry at myself for wasting time, and then determined to learn a skill and use it in future.

Thankfully, I have been able to keep up with that promise. I think it is VERY important for a lady to learn a skill/trade. Be it makeup, bead making/wireworks, fashion designing, soap-making, hair-dressing, bag/shoe making, photography…etc. Apart from the cash you can make while at it, a skill keeps you busy; challenges your creativity and introduces you to the world!

Time is not meant to be spent but invested. Invest your time today in something today that will last even after tomorrow. While foolish people spend time, wise people invest it.

A creative lady attracts a man- a good man. Don’t be passive at this stage of your life. It is dangerous!

So, while you are waiting patiently…for love…get those hands to work! Bend them into shape! And make sure they make you some millions!

See you next week! And I apologize for this late post! My fingers were busy with something else!


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