R. E. V. O. L. V. E

Happy New Week Prima Donnaz!

Trust that this meets you well. Quickly I want to talk about a topic which has been on my mind for quite a while…

Sometime in 2012 (wait a minute, I don’t want to sound like a spiricoco..lol), the Holy Spirit was speaking some things into my spirit and I was jotting down. One of the things he said to me which I’ll NEVER FORGET is this, “Until your life revolves around me, it’s not going to work”.

In 2014, I was among the privileged selected candidates to be trained for 3 weeks by an organization out of thousands that applied. In one of our sessions, a facilitator instructed us to pen down our CV/aspirations/life plan. I quickly set to work, constructing my plan as best as I could imagine….and then that still voice spoke again..“Until it revolves around me, it is not going to work”.

So, this is what I feel I should share with you beautiful ladies today. The questions are these, “Is God at the center?”, “Does your life, everything about it, revolve around him?”, “Is he the one inspiring you to achieve great things”, “Are you really living to bring him all the glory?”
“Are you striving, really striving to please him, or has he lost his place in your life in your bid to pursue your personal agenda? If your life, everything about it does not revolve around God, then, sorry, but “it ain’t gon’ work”

Think on these things: “There is no limit God will use a woman totally surrendered to him”,

“The thoughts he has for you are bigger, greater, grander, more dignifying, more influential, than your deepest of thoughts can cook up”,


“At the end of the day, what truly brings us fulfilment is not the ambition(s) we have met, but God’s purpose we have lived out”

“If the center is destroyed, or if it ceases to exist, everything else is doomed to crumble”

So, Prima Donna, you must learn and strive to put him first in ALL that you do, say, think, or become. Don’t lose yourself in the pursuit of healthy/beneficial relationships, money, fame, influence, attention, affirmation, possessions, that you forget the ONE, the most important ONE. You have all things in him, remember? You exist by him!

I am going to halt here, trust me when I say I have a lot to think and implement on this lesson too. Until my life revolves around him, until he without fail remains at the center, until there is nothing struggling to replace his place in my heart, it’s not going to work.

I hope this post blesses you, I hope it helps you keep some things in perspective. Always remember, “Until it revolves around God, it is not going to work”.

Have a God-centered week!


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