Participate in the MDGs to SDGs online survey

Due to the impoverished state of nations, the world rallied on September 25th 2000 to agree and launch a set of eight goals popularly known as the “Millennium Development Goals”; which are:

  1. eradicate poverty and extreme hunger
  2. achieve universal basic education
  3. promote gender equality and empower women
  4. reduce child mortality
  5. improve maternal health
  6. combat HIV/AIDS and other related diseases
  7. ensure environmental sustainability|
  8. develop global partnerships for development.



The overall aim was to end poverty by 2015, but by 2014, over a billion of the world’s population were still leaving less than $1.25 a day. With this the United Nations decided to shift the “end the poverty” deadline by introducing a set of more universal goals that can help the world grow/develop sustainably, and end poverty by 2030.

In Nigeria, the MDGs knew no much attention until 2006, after the Obasanjo led government finally won the three year struggle for a debt relief/cancellation. This was simply because; Nigeria needed funds to hit the ground running on the MDGs. At the start of the MDGs, we were already six (6) year late,and this affected us greatly. Consequently, Nigeria can only boast of achieving (to some extent) two of the goals (4 and 5), while the state of others has been on the decline and with a large percentage of the people unreached.

In less than 24 hours, world leaders will gather  again at New York for the official closure of the MDG’s and declaration of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)- a set of 17 goals, that is focused on social inclusion, prosperity, environmental sustainability and good governance.The question however is: How can the average Nigerian benefit from the SDGs?


In Nigeria, “history” has repeated itself again, where the goals looks dead on arrival. The debt profile has risen with low revenues, with the macro economy struggling to survive. The only way forward will be to focus on building enough local content, where regardless on the state of the economy; it will be a support structure to facilitate its attainment.

We can create this local content on how people; first, think the MDGs has fared in their community and neighbourhood communities and they think we can drive the SDGs more locally, and sustainably.

Gospel Obele

 A 21st Century Economic Development Strategist

Project Change Initiative
Project Change Initiative


To this end, Project Change Initiative, a Nigerian based Policy Advocacy Organization in Collaboration with The Spectacles and Prima Donnaz is carrying out a survey to take a current assessment of  the impact of the Millennium Development Goals across Nigeria.

The essence the survey is to release a policy document that can guide policy makers aright in the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The survey takes just about 10 minutes to fill and candid responses will be appreciated. The survey can be filled through this link.

Please, we crave your indulgence in this noble project. We believe in Nigeria, we are sure you do too.




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