Speed and bruises


I saw Ade run swiftly, graciously too

I got jealous, wore my stilettos

And pursued hard after her

I told myself she wasn’t as beautiful, gorgeousunhealthy-competition-quotes-1

Or as intelligent as I

So I ran, determined to overtake her…

Thud! I fell without warning

I hadn’t seen the hurdle in front of me


I looked at her back; she was gaining speed

I looked at myself, I was gaining bruises


Enraged, I picked up myself, ignoring my pains

And then, I continued again…

I fell again, and again

Ade still gaining speed and I, gaining more bruises…

I struggled to stand, still determined to overtake Ade

Then I fell again, I was severely dealt the last time,

So I sat for a while to examine my bruises

Then I saw it…

The lane I had been running on was earmarked “ADE”.


Society has thought us to compete with others, rather than to compete with ourselves. Such kind of competition is destructive because we can NEVER EVER be better at being someone else. Only by being our true selves can we truly live fulfilling lives and be a source of inspiration to others.


See, I have been there. There was a time I was green with envy over a lady because she was “QUIET”. I felt she was being appreciated more than I was because she was “CALM”. So I decided I was going to learn to “not talk”. Was I successful? Hell no! In fact people began to suspect I was ill! So, I advised myself by myself and came back to living my LIFE 😊



(BTW, I am glad I wasn’t successful. I have two most “sociable female awards” for being a talkative!)

Get it right, you will only naturally excel when you are you.

The idea is to be yourself, love yourself and grow yourself.

The best form I competition, is that organized against oneself, never against others.

Friends,you are the best you.

A Prima Donna is one who appreciates her gifts and talents, and lives a life void of unhealthy comparisons.



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