The Prima Donna and her Supernatural man

It’s Saturday! Whoooohooo!!! Wait, why am I shouting? Saturday is a day full of chores- laundry, housework, cooking, and for some, washing of week-long dirty plates. :).

Well, Saturday, is also a day to sit back, read a novel or two, watch a movie or two, reflect on the past week, thank God for successes, make a lesson out of failures, and reinforce into your mind your life’s principles. Speaking of principles, I’ll give you one- about a Prima Donna.

A Prima Donna is highly spiritual, she has a divine relationship with her supernatural man.

APphoto_Film Review Son of God

You know you were created for HIS purpose right? It really will make no sense if the relationship that would make EVERY OTHER thing or relationship work is left to suffer. It really would make no sense.

Yeah, sometimes or most times, its about our daily activities, we get TOO busy focusing or directing all of our attention of our endless projects, and neglect our most important project- a divine relationship with our supernatural man.

Other times, its learned laziness to building our spiritual lives with enthusiasm or procrastination. And some other times, well, just pure lack of communication with our supernatural man. There are a multitude of reasons, I know you’ve got plenty.

However, no reason is reason enough to rob ourselves of that relationship from which we derive our purpose, our beauty, our glory, our joy, our direction, our happiness, our comfort…our lives. No reason is reason enough.

A Prima Donna is highly spiritual. She has a divine relationship with her supernatural man. His name is Jesus Christ, by the way.

So, going into a new week, make a mental note to rekindle the fire of that relationship. Hmm. Our supernatural man is EVERYTHING!


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