Change: Inspiration or Desperation?

Two things motivates us to change they say- Desperation or Inspiration

Onome Oraka- D'Pearl(5)

I’ll explain with stories.

The pain of desperation

“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom”- Anais Nin

There was a young man named Simon. This man inherited a part of his father’s wealth and travelled to a distant country to enjoy life. There, he squandered all of his resources and soon became poor. In order to survive from the harshness of the economy, Simon had to work in a pig farm. His situation was so terrible that he shared the food of the swines- yeah, he ate with pigs for a while. He was a pitiable sight; his life was out-of-control and full of irresolvable questions.

However his condition drove him to look for solutions. He was desperate. And then an idea hit him. “Why don’t I go back home, and work as a servant for my father? He remembered that none of his father’s servants had to eat the food of a pig. None at all. And he was not a servant, he was a son. Eureka! So, he stood himself up, said goodbye to his beloved pigs and journeyed back home.

Desperation is the final and inevitable result of months or years of accumulated neglect that brings us to a point in time where we find ourselves driven by urgent necessity to find immediate answers to life’s accumulated challenges- Jim Rohn


The Joy of Inspiration

Inspiration arouses hope, ambition and determination”

There was a very short and dishonest man named Zaccheus. This man was in charge of collecting taxes from the indigenes of the community where he lived. He fell so in love with money till his heart was corrupted. He began to extort the indigenes, inflate the taxes and manipulate the records before handing them over to his supervisor.

One day, a man came to his house- just for visits. This man was the very opposite of everything Zaccheus stood for. He was honest and kind and true and lovely and just of course, tall. This man’s life was so beautiful that Zaccheus was inspired or compelled to change. He restored four times as much as he had extorted from everyone and lived uprightly from that day.

Onome Oraka- D'Pearl(3)

Inspiration, I think, is a much better way to change.

How do we get inspired to change or what things can inspire one to change?

Again, I’ll tell you. 😊😊

Watching and Observing Others- This works wonders for me personally. Β It’s important to have a circle of mentors or teachers- people who are ahead of you spiritually, financially, emotionally, and professionally and draw lessons from their lives. It has been said that the secret of men are in their stories.

Autobiographies of men/ women who have etched their names in the sand of time, are a great source of inspiration. Consider Benjamin Franklin, he had a most disadvantaged childhood, yet, today, the world celebrates him.

Inspiration rarely comes from isolation, get I’ll suggest you get a circle of mentors (that’s if you have none)

Inspiration can also come from reading a great book. Some decades ago, a woman wrote a novel titled “Pay it forward”. It was a book encouraging the practice of random acts of kindness. It didn’t end as a novel, a film adaptation was made and the Pay it forward movement kicked off from there. Today, millions celebrate the “Pay it forward day” every year, and the movement is currently in over 15 countries. A novel did that πŸ™‚

Inspiration can also come from making a list of compelling goals. Painting a vivid picture of your deepest desire and visualising how you are going to feel when its accomplished can inspire you and rob you off sleep at night πŸ™‚

The sources of inspiration cannot be exhausted in a single post. But, I am positive you get the idea.

Let me sound this warning before I end this, “Never allow inspiration graduate to imitation”. It’s wonderful to have mentors who can teach, guide and inspire you to be the best you can be, but more wonderful to be no other person than yourself!

So! We change out of the pain of desperation or the joy of inspiration.

The pain of desperation or the joy of inspiration? I’ll leave you to decide on that!

Onome Oraka- D'Pearl(4)


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