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Prima Donnaz

Due to the impoverished state of nations, the world rallied on September 25th 2000 to agree and launch a set of eight goals popularly known as the “Millennium Development Goals”; which are:

  1. eradicate poverty and extreme hunger
  2. achieve universal basic education
  3. promote gender equality and empower women
  4. reduce child mortality
  5. improve maternal health
  6. combat HIV/AIDS and other related diseases
  7. ensure environmental sustainability|
  8. develop global partnerships for development.


The overall aim was to end poverty by 2015, but by 2014, over a billion of the world’s population were still leaving less than $1.25 a day. With this the United Nations decided to shift the “end the poverty” deadline by introducing a set of more universal goals that can help the world grow/develop sustainably, and end poverty by 2030.

In Nigeria, the MDGs knew no much attention until 2006, after the Obasanjo led government finally won the three year struggle for…

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