The Prima Donna and her Support System

The aphorism, “No man is an island” is immeasurably true. We are built for community; fashioned for interdependence; created to be a part of society.

A Prima Donna knows the value and importance of having a support system.

A support system consists of:

1. Mentors: Inspiring people looked up to for instructions, guidance and lessons. These people are usually ahead of you in life’s experiences, and can serve as a guide if submitted to and respected. Timothy had Paul, the Disciples had Jesus, Elisha had Elijah, Ruth had Naomi, whom do you have?

2. Friends/Bosom buddies: People you get into a cordial relationship with for companionship. These people most of the times share same values with you. A good friend sticks closer than a brother. They encourage you; strengthen you; assist you; stand by you through thick and thin; love you selflessly; strive to bring out the best in you; bear your burdens with you etc. A friend is someone who can be real with and have no fears. David had Jonathan, Jesus had Peter, James and John, whom do you have?

3. Mentees: People who look up to you for guidance, instruction and lessons. You are usually ahead of them in life’s experiences, and can guide them. One of the importance of having mentees is this: “It keeps you on track, knowing someone else’s candle is burning because your own candle light has given them permission to do so”. Elijah had Elisha, Jesus had the disciples, Naomi had Ruth, whom do you have?



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