Diary Of A Black Pearl II

What do you do when you are hurt?
When you give so much and receive peanuts?
When it feels like you’re being taken for granted: not appreciated, not valued,
What do you do?

What do you do:
When the hurt and pains tightly grip your heart?
How do you let them go so you don’t fall apart?
Do you just brush the pain aside?
Do you just let the hot tears freely slide?
Or do you straighten up and put up a face of contorted pride?

Where do you go when you are all confused?
What do you say to avoid looking like a fool?
To the loved ones who have now become agents of pain,
To the unfriendly ones who always remain the same,
What do you do?

Do I bottle it in, do I let it out?
Do I bite my lips, do I curse and shout?
Do I get angry, do I get mad?
Or do you simply reflect and try your best to understand?
What do I do?

I’m going to pour out my heart to the King of love
I’m going to stretch out my heart to my Savior of love
Then after getting the much needed strength from my Father,
I’ll come back to my world, and I know I’ll be better.



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