Omilola Oshikoya: The Dauntless Woman

Our Wonder Woman today is the dauntless and inspiring Omilola Oshikoya. Trust me, she is all shades of awesome! Mrs. Oshikoya granted Prima Donnaz an interview session and despite her tight schedule, created time to answer all of our questions. Her message to you beautiful ladies today can be summed up in a quote, “DO IT AFRAID”. Perhaps fear has kept you bound from maximising your potentials and finding fulfilment, perhaps it has kept you bound in that job, that abusive relationship, that oppotunity. Let Omilola’s story inspire you to BREAK FREE and live your best life NOW!!!!!!


May we meet you?

Omilola Oshikoya is first of all a wife to John Olugbenga Oshikoya and a mother to three beautiful children.

Omilola is Africa’s premier Wealth Coach with over 12 years’ experience in finance/investment banking in companies such as Royal Bank of Scotland, Deloitte, Asset & Resource Management Company LTD. Omilola’s experience covers areas such as infrastructure finance, hospitality and retail finance, project & corporate finance, accounting, auditing etc. In 2013, she resigned from a successful career in pursuit of fulfillment. She is currently a columnist for the second most widely read newspaper in Nigeria and the creator/founder of PocketFinance, a blog focused on personal & business finance.

She is a co-host for a talk show called The Heart of the Matter which airs in 44 African countries including Nigeria and the UK. Omilola talks about what true wealth is, how to create wealth, how to manage wealth, how to grow wealth and how to use wealth. She is also an inspirational speaker.

In 2014, Omilola was recognized as a chosen youth by the La Roche Leadership Foundation and given an award “for showing exemplary leadership attributes as a Youth and contributing to the sustainable development of the larger society”. In 2015, she was ordained as a youth minister for Ignite, a youth ministry at Guiding Light Assembly. She is also responsible for all print publications, media including social media and publicity for Guiding Light Assembly.


Is broadcasting something you’ve always wanted to do? How did you pursue that dream?

Media was never a dream for me. I had no idea that this was the path that God had planned for me. I pursued a career in finance because it was easy for me to do and I also believed it was the key to making a lot of money. However, after a “successful” career, I was not fulfilled and began to pray to God to show me what He created me to do. I wanted a life of purpose and I was tired of following my own will. I wanted to do His will.

The first time the idea ever crossed my mind was at an event in Lagos. I was introduced to a lady, Rhonda Watson, a US diplomat, and she said she had a gift for helping people discover their purpose. She said “you should be in media”. I looked at her confused “Media?”. Shortly after I volunteered to be responsible for the publications department in my Church, Guiding Light Assembly. Subsequently there was an opportunity to set up the digital/social media of the church as well as host the talk show called The Heart of the Matter.

I used to think it was important to dream big, however, experience has shown me that you can’t even imagine the plans God has for you. His thoughts and His ways are different from ours. It important to TRUST BIG.

Tell us of the “Heart of the matter idea” (how it was birthed, it’s goals and objectives)

The Heart of the Matter is a syndicated talk/interview show that features insightful, inspiring and entertaining Interviews and discussions on Current affairs, Faith, Finance, Relationships, Health and much more. It was started by Pastor Wale Adefarasin about 7 years ago. It is hosted by Wale Adefarasin and co-hosted by Opuiyo Oforiokuma and Omilola Oshikoya.

It airs in 44 African countries including Nigeria and the UK. We have interviewed some of the most amazing and inspiring people on the continent.

What has helped you on your journey of becoming all God wants you to be?

The vision is from God and so that has helped me stay focused even in tough times. My relationship with God has been the most important thing. I depend on the Holy Spirit completely. Also being surrounded by the right people has helped a lot. My husband has been phenomenal. My family, friends and church too have been supportive. When you are pursuing a vision it is important to surround yourself with the right people.

You’ve been married for a while now. Can you tell us of how the journey has been so far?

Yes, I’ve been married for over 9 years. Our marriage had its challenges especially in the early years however through Gods’ Grace I started praying a lot and now these are the best days of my marriage.

What do you think an unmarried Christian lady should look out for in her choice of a life partner?

The most important thing is to look out for a man who is has the fear of God. The Bible says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom. It would enable your spouse to make the right decisions concerning your marriage. Secondly, a man with vision and potential. Do not look for a ‘ready-made’ man instead look out for a man who has potential and who has a vision.

How do you think one can maintain and cultivate a godly relationship in today’s society crippled by immorality?

It’s a tough one in this generation however it is possible through Gods Grace. Both parties should be committed to keeping their relationship godly and then set goals to achieving this such as never spending the night together, never being alone in the bed room etc. It also helps to have accountability partners that would check on you from time to time. Most importantly it’s important to pray and let the Holy Spirit help you.

You are a finance coach. Can you share some finance tips with us? (Especially about saving and investing)

There are so many tips I can provide, but one important tip is start now and start small. A lot of people do not save or invest because they think they think they need to have a lot of money. There are investment opportunities for as little as N5, 000.

It’s also important to pay yourself first i.e. of course after paying your tithe. You should save before you spend and not the other way round.

Giving is also a very important tip. It probably doesn’t make sense to give to have but the universe was created on the principle of giving.

For more tips please check my blog

Can you tell us of the women you admire and why?

I admire the woman who against all odds, survives and makes an impact on earth while she is here. I admire the woman who is not afraid to admit that she hasn’t got it all figured out. I admire a woman who puts her family first above all things including her career and money. I admire a woman who is passionate about God. I admire a woman who wants to be the best person she can be and be the person she was created to be. I admire a woman who is hardworking and diligent in all her ways. There are so many women that inspire me and of course my mum is one of them.

Obviously, you are a lady who believes in having it all. How are you able to balance marriage, family, ministry and work?

Do I have it all? All I can say is that all that I am and all that I hope to be is through God. I’m not there yet but by His Grace I would get there.

What are the things you think deter ladies from living up to their full potentials and how do you think they can overcome them?

Essentially, fear is the main thing that deters women from living up to their full potential. There are different types of fear that women face. Some of them are fear of failure, fear of trading security for the unknown, fear of what others will say or think, fear of not being able to cope financially etc.

I love this quote by Susan Jeffers that says “Every time you take a step into the unknown, you experience fear. There is no point in saying, ‘When I am no longer afraid, then I will do it’, you’ll be waiting for a long time. The fear is part of the package.”

The key phrase here is that “fear is part of the package”. My advice is to DO IT AFRAID.

Your advice to ladies still yet to get a grip on what God created them for?

Pray, pray, pray. Also everything is a process. God may not reveal everything to you at once. A lot of the time we are so eager to be where we want to be that we forget to live in the moment that we are in. You are where you are for a reason so while you hope to be where you want to be, make sure you maximize your potential where you currently are. The Bible says there is a time for everything.

Finally, a word to ladies on their journey to becoming Prima Donnaz?

Remember whose you are and who you are. You are the Fathers daughter and so through Him you can do and achieve anything.



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