In “Love” or In “Trouble? II

I apologize for being offline for a week! I will try my best to see that the chances of that happening again are drastically reduced. Have you figured out whether you are in love or trouble? These additional points by our guest, Bisi Adewale will help you! 5. You are in trouble if your relationship … Continue reading In “Love” or In “Trouble? II


The Secret Struggle of the Fiery Christian lady II

Read Part 1 here: So Esther’s negative cycle continued, and her self- confidence gradually dwindled away. She felt all alone because she couldn’t confide in anyone about her struggle. How could she? She was a leader in church, and was supposed to be a role model; to believers and unbelievers alike. Yet, her secret … Continue reading The Secret Struggle of the Fiery Christian lady II

PearlWrytez: Lesson 1

Opens Bible: Genesis 42:5, "So Israel's sons were among those who went to buy grain, "for there was famine in the land of Canaan also" (NIV) Lesson: Even in our promised land of overflowing milk and honey, we are going to encounter difficulties and challenges. Closes Bible.