Diary Of A Confused Sixteen-Year-Old


I am sixteen
So very attractive and slim
My hips are taking shape
I’ve got a very beautiful face
Everyone stares
I’m like a picture, set on display

Akpos is nineteen
He calls me his chocolate ice-cream
We are close, I’ve known him since I was thirteen
Yesterday he said he really likes me
And he asked, ‘Can I be one?

Micheal is twenty-one
He is such an handsome son
His chest, as solid as “Iron”
He lovingly calls me his “Obimo”
On Friday he asked, “Can I be the one?”

Paul is twenty-five
Has blue sharp eyes, piercing like a knife
He says he wants to make me his wife
With me, he wants to share his life,
On Thursday, he asked me,
“Can I be the one?”

Job is twenty-eight
He says he wants us to be intimate
But he is not fine
And I really do not think he is mine
Still he asks, “Can I be the one?”

Ade is twenty
To me, he is always attentive
He claims his love for me is authentic
And that I am the one that makes his heart tick
He dreams of us cruishinh on a ship on the atlantic
Could he be the one?

Pastor Jubril is twenty three
Funny that one, always takes me on a laughing spree
He says to his life, I am the perfect song
I am his, he claims to have heard this from the Lord
On Sunday, he told me he is the one.

I am sixteen
So very attractive…and slim
My hips are taking shape
I’ve got a very beautiful face
I am like a picture,
A very vulnerable picture
– set on display


1 thought on “Diary Of A Confused Sixteen-Year-Old

  1. Wow, interesting please. #teenstruggles. May God guide us from decietful men.


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