Ijeoma Ndukwe: The Game Changer

Her name is Ijeoma Ndukwe, our Wonder Woman Wednesday.

She is an entrepreneur.

She sells PAP! Akamu! Ogi! Or whatever it is called in your space!

Got to know of this inspiring lady through a summit (DMYS15) I attended on the 7th of November, organized by Delta’s Foremost Inspirational Speaker, Segun Manuel.

Ijeoma’s story gave me the chills! Akamu!

Oh, wait, let me add here, Ijeoma is not your “normal” akamu seller. No, she is not.

She is the owner of BUBEZ FOODS a company equipped with modern, leading-edge machinery for the processing and packaging of raw Pap (Akamu/Ogi) that comes in different flavors.

Ijeoma at DMYS15
Ijeoma at DMYS15

Her akamu is not just consumed locally. She has her products in the UK, United States of America, to mention a few.

BUBEZ foods is just about 3 years ago, but has experienced such tremendous growth within and outside Nigeria.

According to her story, she used to run a high end boutique. However, things turned awry as she was largely in debt because of customer’s inconsistencies. (Nigerians can owe for Africa)…moving on….

She was meditating on the scripture from 2nd Kings 4:2 which reads, “What do you have in your house of sale value?”(AMP) and communicating with God when she visualised her refrigerator with “Akamu” which was a staple for her children before they turned 2 years.

Ijeoma had a sister then who had just been delivered of a baby and couldn’t sieve his pap for herself because of her tight work schedule. This sister resorted to buying the ingredients and giving it to a particular lady she considered hygienic and trusted enough to sieve her baby’s pap. Ijeoma then thought, “I could be that woman to a lot more people” Eureka!

Think Ijeoma had millions to start that company? A resounding No!!!!!!!!! My dears. She started her business with N300!!! (Three hundred naira)! And today, she is just rolling in her millions.

Are you asking if the business is profitable? Let’s do this simple arithmetic together. “If there are 180 million people in Nigeria, and Ijeoma sells to “only” 1 million people a month with a “tiny” profit of N10 profit , how much would she make at the end of the month?

There are no small ideas anywhere. Only men with small minds.



2 thoughts on “Ijeoma Ndukwe: The Game Changer

  1. i reblogged this post. It truly inspired me. Thank you.


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