In “Love” or In “Trouble? II


I apologize for being offline for a week! I will try my best to see that the chances of that happening again are drastically reduced.

Have you figured out whether you are in love or trouble? These additional points by our guest, Bisi Adewale will help you!

5. You are in trouble if your relationship has no purpose/direction: Your time is your life. Don’t waste it on someone you have no intention of/ cannot get married to in the future. Ladies, this is for you especially. Don’t age with a man with has no intention of marrying you. This is not to say that every relationship must end in marriage. But a relationship that drags on for years without marriage in view is trouble.

6. You are in trouble if love is one-sided: A love relationship involves more than one person. No relationship can successfully thrive on the strength of one person’s love alone. If you are the only one in love, you are in trouble. Anyone that is not crazy about you in courtship will make you crazy in marriage. Don’t beg or solicit for love.

7. You are in trouble if you are strangers to each other: Loving a stranger is dangerous. You can’t genuinely love a person you don’t know. Love grows and knowledge plays a part in enhancing this growth.

8. You are in trouble if your relationship involves sexting: Sexting means texting of your nakedness. This isn’t love but sexual perversion. It is immoral and ungodly. Never an evidence of genuine love. Love does not think evil. Love does not rejoice in iniquity.

I hope that with these few points, you’ll be able to truthfully examine your relationship to decipher if its LOVE or if it’s trouble/ You only have one life. Live it right!


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