Pearl tells the Pimples Invasion story

Story story, Story! This is a true life story about the lady called Onome Pearl Oraka. Enjoy your read!!!

The Invasion

In my 100 level second semester, I was…should I say inflicted with acne?(Lol). But seriously, I had some serious acne issues. So serious that I lost my self-esteem at some point. This was the same me who had consecutively held the title of “Smoothest face” for 4 years in secondary school (From JS1E to SS1E). You know, when I first saw the pimples invasion, I waved it off as something “temporary”. Well, they proved me wrong.

The first thing I did, was to seek for help from friends and family. That was how I got introduced to “Skineal” and “Epiderm”. Did they work? Yes! They “fryed” the pimples, turned them to black spots and made my face 1 million shades whiter! So here was me, a former chocolate beauty, now an “obobo” lady with radical black spots. (Chai!).

So pimples was gone. But there was a new problem…or two. One was getting rid of the black spots, the other one was restoring my facial skin colour. And that my friends, was how I embarked on “Project Smooth Face Restoration”.

During the trying times
During the trying times


Brighter days are here!
Brighter days are here!


Project Smooth Face Restoration

I started with “Pears”. The rationale was that it would make my skin like a baby’s. (Lol). I used both the lotion, the oil and the soap. Didn’t work. So I dumped that and went for Olay. Didn’t work, so I dumped that. Then Neutrogena oil was recommended for me. Used it. Didn’t work. Dumped it. Then another friend recommended Otentika. Used it. Didn’t work. Dumped it. Then I used one Cocoa butter cream like that. Used it. Didn’t work. Dumped it. Around this time, I travelled to Togo, and bought another Cocoa butter cream. Used it. Didn’t work. Dumped it. Then I decided to go “Christian” and started using Olive oil. Lol. Then I travelled to Ghana for an excursion. There I used “Clear Essence”. One time, I used a cream men use for after-shave bumps!!!(Neo-Medrol).

Afterwards, I used some other skin care and finally I rested! I was fed up! My face was a mess! I felt ugly. I refused to meet with friends because I thought they would laugh at me. I used to call my mum a lot those days. When she picked, I would just cry on her. You are still beautiful my dear, she used to say.

I decided to cover my “shame” with brown powder. Got this really expensive product and it did help me a whole lot. Then, that year passed. (Note that I had this condition from my 100 level second semester to the start of my 300 level).


The Story of my “Triumph”
I moved to a new apartment in my 300 level, and there I met a lady who was instrumental in my victory over acne. Her name is Karina. Karina had a routine which included working out every morning, drinking lots of water, eating VERY good food, and taking fruits EVERY night. She was also a dedicated patronizer of Shea butter/ Ori oyo.

We got really close and she was able to convince me to go jogging with her every morning. So I started working out. It wasn’t easy at first. I felt pains all over for the first few days but I perserved and with time, I could jog a distance.

Then Karina influenced my eating habits. You see, I used to eat a lot of junk. I couldn’t cook, and I refused to learn. So I ate lots of indomie and a lot of “Mama puts”. (Lol). In my 300 level, I changed. Funnily, it wasn’t as if my pocket money increased o, but I started eating really good food. Karina used to humorously say, “Eat well, let God be happy”. (Lol). So I started cooking, (now, ehn, I am a pro o.) And eating healthy.

Then Karina cajoled me into eating fruits, to the extent that I couldn’t go a day without taking watermelon or pineapple. And sometimes, that was all I had for dinner.

Next, Karina thought me to be consistent with a skin product. (She had been using Olay for about 6 years then). Lol. So I followed in her footsteps, and of course I went for Olay too!!!!(shebi its good to follow the footsteps of your mentor ni?)

Afterwards, she let me in on the benefits of Shea butter to…Man. (Lol).( In case you don’t know, gaan browse). So, yes I started using Ori oyo.

Now, in less than 6 months, no joke, my skin was as healthy as a baby’s. My skin colour was even, lighter and I had this verrrry smooth face. People began to ask, “Onome, what are you using for your face” (lol). I became sooo confident that I began to go to class with nothing on my skin but Shea butter. (No powder to cover nothing, no nothing!)

That’s how Project Smooth Face Restoration was actualised o. I must confess that I have been slack in some of this practices and of course, have seen the resultant effects. This writeup is a call for me to pick up those practices again!

Disclaimer:  This article was not put up to spite some of the skin products aforementioned. They are all great, that’s why I used them in the first place. But skin products really, are to supplement other “practices” to give you a healthy skin.


The Lessons
Lesson 1 : Its not just about applying expensive skin care products, you have to EAT RIGHT.

Lesson 2: DRINKING lots of WATER has been said to have a number of benefits. A healthy skin is one of them. So, let the water drinking begin!!!

Lesson 3: Also, you need to EXERCISE. Get those useless and harmful toxins from your skin! Skip, Jog, Run, Enrol in a fitness center! Work out!

Lesson 4: Taking in FRUITS is also necessary for a healthy skin. I recommend watermelon! (Lol) It’s a personal favorite.

Lesson 5: Also, get a good product and BE CONSISTENT with it. Don’t be a cream prostitute like I was once.

Using SHEA BUTTER is not a must but I’ll recommend it for you. Ori Oyo is one of God’s special gifts to man.

And please dear ladies, in achieving a healthy, glowing skin, there are no overnight miracles. I advise you stay away from products that can make you lighter in 7 days. Like seriously, Run! I have been there. It made things worse. Trust me, Run from them!

There is a very very big link between appearance and self-esteem. A healthy skin will naturally enhance confidence!!!

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading!


6 thoughts on “Pearl tells the Pimples Invasion story

  1. nice one onome,,,,,,,,,,,God bless ur hand


  2. Okay nice one. I always noticed the ‘introvertedness’ then.
    Nothing beats Lots of Water, Fruit, Exercise and been Stress free. Congratulations on your brand new omomo skin


  3. Okay nice one. I always noticed the introvertedness then. Nothing beats Lots of Water, Fruit and vegetables,Exercise and been Stress free. Congratulations on your omomo skin.


  4. Hahaha… A good read tho…very interesting write-up…i am not of a female gender ooo… I enjoyed myself reading your “personal story”. 🙂


  5. Word! Word! Hahah. I’ve been there before, and still am maybe. I remember how people used to call me “miss smooth face” before, and then post-puberty happened upon me… 😦

    I think different products work differently on different skin types; essentially, as you’ve said, it starts from what you take into your body. No amount of good cream and good skin-care products will do half of what good eating and drinking habits will do for man.

    Nice write Onome! And thanks for the recommendations. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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