I’m sure we all remember that old school rhyme,  “Humpty-Dumpty”

For those who can’t remember, this is how it goes,


Humpty~Dumpty sat on a wall

Humpty~Dumpty had a great fall

All the kings horses and all the kings men

Couldn’t put Humpty~Dumpty together again.


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Recently, I watched a movie titled “Esther”. Yes, it was about the Esther in the bible, and it brought to mind a thought I had some years ago…

Queen Vashti was sure beautiful, no one could deny that. Her beauty was unparalleled. she was the very definition of beau~tee. The king always goes for the best, so she was chosen. Queen Vashti however, let her beauty get into her head, and like Humpty- Dumpty, a big head is a misfit. She began to think of herself as indispensable. She looked into the mirror and smiled- “Mrs. Irreplaceable”. The king one day was merry and he desired to parade his beautiful Queen before all men. The goal was to make all the princes envious…he had the best. Queen Vashti however refused to be seen….”Tell the King I’m too tired, and besides, it’s my bed time already.” With that, she set to powder her nose and admire herself- the Perfect Creature. The King was infuriated, and so were his Princes. Although she was perfectly beautiful, her character exuded a foul smell…. she wasn’t a role model after all. She was beautiful, rude and arrogant. The Princes advised that the King get himself a new queen, not someone more beautiful, but someone better than Vashti.


The golden scepter fell upon young, beautiful and gracious Esther. Esther was not only beautiful without, she was beautiful within….her character enthroned and celebrated her. Vashti could not believe this unexpected turn of events….Mrs. Irreplaceable was kicked out of the palace and into obscurity.

Lesson: While it is important to take care of how we look (externals), a fault in character is a time bomb that will tick off anyday. The lace wigs and painted nails are attractive, but what’s more is who we are really on the inside, and the principles we abide by. A woman with character is attractive to a man and to everyone she comes in contact with. Say yes….to INNER BEAUTY.



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