Christmas is… EVERYDAY


I spent today mostly in bed….watching Sherlock Holmes from my Samsung Tablet.

So engrossed I was in the movie that I almost let today slide without sending a message of love to my wonderful readers this yuletide season.

Thankfully, today ain’t over yet!!!☺☺☺☺

Merry Christmas to you!!!!

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How we cherish this season and it’s activities- gathering of families (personally, I had to travel down from Kwara State to Delta State for the festive season) the carols and fireworks, the preparation and sharing of food, the wrapping and un-wrapping of gifts….and for little children, the joy of receiving presents from Santa Claus🎅🎅🎅☺….

However, Christmas you’ll agree is far more than these activities…

It is the celebration of the birth of the child who changed EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

The significance and impact of the birth and life of Jesus Christ continues to positively influence our lives years after his earthly sojourn.

No other birth has had a greater impact on the world than that of Jesus Christ. And none ever will.

Jesus was in every sense of the word, a revolutionary.  And on Christmas, we celebrate the birth of the revolutionary who changed EVERYTHING!!!!

Jesus is AWESOME. He gives meaning to the word-AWESOME.

For Christians who really understand the significance and impact of his birth, everyday is CHRISTMAS!

Merry Christmas to you!!!!!

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