The Art of Graciousness

“A Gracious lady is beautiful, but not every beautiful lady is Gracious”

Aren’t there some ladies you just admire even when you know nothing about them? Aren’t there some ladies you would do anything to initiate a conversation/relationship with just because of the idea you have that “there is something about them”? Personally, I have a catalog of ladies who fall into the aforementioned categories….

This… led me into some study and research. First, I found out that these ladies could be defined in a word- Gracious, and secondly I discovered that Graciousness is an art, and can be cultivated. Now, isn’t that some good news for us on the “other side”?

Graciousness, I tell you, is a rarity in today’s society; the few ladies who possess these godly characteristics are seen and treated as goddesses.  No matter the size of the crowd, a gracious lady will stand out, her graciousness sticking out  and forcefully yet subtly making her the center of attraction.


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What does it mean to be gracious?

To be gracious is to be full of tact; to be kind and polite;  to be courteous and merciful; to be compassionate, pleasing and respectful.


So, how do I cultivate the Art of Graciousness?

I’ll share some few points with you on this post, and some few others in the next. Are you ready???? Let’s go!!!!!💃

  1.  Be Respectful: A gracious lady shows respect to all, her respect is not for an exclusive preserve. She consciously and constantly displays respect to all she comes in contact with regardless of class, race, tribe or religion.
  2. Be Good to people– A gracious lady is kind to people. She blesses everyone she comes in contact with from the treasures of her heart. I saw a quote of kindness once which says, “You don’t need a reason to be kind to people”. Truth is, you will never get a reason if you’re looking for one.
  3. Be interested in people- A gracious lady goes out of her way to know people. She doesn’t seek to be known, she seeks to know. Someone once said, “People don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.  C’est vrai!!!!! A gracious lady is not self-absorbed, she is genuinely interested in people.
  4. Be Slow to take credit, be quick to lavish praise-A gracious lady restrains herself from the school of pride. While she may have a healthy self- esteem, Lady Gracious consciously remains modest, esteeming others better than herself. This lady does not blow her own trumpet, or struts around singing her praise.
  5. Always strive to speak appropriate  words- The Bible admonishes believers to make their ” words full of grace and seasoned with salt”. Words once gone out can never come back, a gracious lady understands this and thinks well before she speaks. She doesn’t use foul or vulgar languages to communicate. Oh, this is the very opposite of some ladies, who use their words to malign and destroy instead of to edify and build.

Now, its one thing ‘to know what to do’, and an entirely different thing ‘to do what you know’. Knowing doesn’t make perfect, practice does. The world is in dire need of Gracious ladies. Will you join me on this “Gracious” journey?

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