The Art of Graciousness II

“A Gracious lady is beautiful, but not every beautiful lady is Gracious”

Hello, Gracious lady!☺

I hope you’ve started making into habits the points shared in our last post. I received positive reviews and feedback on “The Art of Graciousness”. They were encouraging …and humbling. Thanks for reading!!!!!

I intend to conclude this piece today, but again, I’m sure you’d agree that the subject cannot be exhausted in a single blog piece. That means, to master this Art, you have to do a lot of personal work. You have to study and practice real hard till you master the art…and become an example of a Gracious lady.


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In our last post, we established that a Gracious lady is respectful to all; is kind and genuinely interested in people; is humble and quick to lavish praise; and says appropriate words.

Now, we continue☺….

How  do I  cultivate the Art of Graciousness?

  • Be Excellent- A truly gracious lady is not given to mediocre performances. She does not do things in halves; she completes every task she commences. She gives her very best to everything committed to her hand. To be excellent is to be outstanding, exceptional, to be of superior quality- that’s a Gracious lady!
  • Be Hospitable- Unfortunately, most ladies fail in this area. A gracious lady is a well of comfort, she nurtures and nurses. Aren’t there some ladies you know who always seem to have a crowd around them? Like, people always want to be around them? It’s because with such people, people feel welcome, at ease and loved. A gracious lady is a well of comfort and love.
  • Correct and Reprove in Love- A Gracious lady does not seek to control or dominate people, and she definitely doesn’t smart mouth or slander them when they err. Get it right! A Gracious lady is firm, but her every action is influenced by love. Quite frankly, people seldom change for good because of hatred or words of condemnation but because of love and words of affirmation.
  • Be Grateful– There is a book I purchased some years ago titled, “Living Life As Thank You“. It encourages the attitude of gratitude. A Gracious lady is not ungrateful. The Bible encourages us to “Give thanks in everything”. You’ll hardly catch a gracious lady grumbling and complaining at the current state of things. She focuses on the good things, on her undeserved privileges and  blessings. A Gracious lady is grateful.
  • Love God- This is the secret of any gracious lady- she loves God.  No true purpose can be found outside of God. As a result of her love for God, she receives spiritual strength and grace to be all that she was created to be. A Gracious Lady loves God with all her heart, soul, might and strength💪.


I hope this few points will help us on our journey😊.

And Remember, a Gracious Woman retains honour!



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