Lessons from “My Steps”

Photo credit: Google
Photo credit: Google

Hello family…hope you’ve been great?

Today’s blog was first published on my Facebook page. The feedback I got on this article was “ginormous”, so I thought of sharing here…

Do read and be blessed!





“There’s something about you, something about you, something about you girl…”




I recently started a Masters Program in Peace and Development Studies at the University of Ilorin, Kwara State, Nigeria.


Last week Wednesday, two male undergraduate students (co-tenants) came to my room. They said they came to pay me a visit, that they had observed that I keep mostly to myself. Because my room was very unkempt (was still trying to settle in), I opted for the visit/meeting to be held in one of their rooms…


When we were settled fully in Neighbour 1’s room he asked, “What level are you”


Trust me, a true daughter of the Nigerian soil to reply a question with another question.


“What level do you think I am?”


I was expecting him to say 100 level, because I have this young look, and I am vewi vewi vewi big… 🙂 (lol)


Neighbour 1 replied, “You can’t be in 100 level sha”….


Why? I asked him.


I wasn’t expecting his reply…


“You don’t WALK like a 100 level student”


Oh really? How do they walk? The 100 level students??


“I can’t really explain. But there’s something about the way you walk. There’s just something I can’t explain…


At this time, Neighbour 2 spoke, “The word is “Confidence”


Neighbour 1 continued, “Whenever you pass, we know someone is passing. You walk differently from other ladies in the hostel…” . . . .


But of course? Isn’ t it an error for a Prima Donna like me to be seen walking lazily and purposelessly?Isn’t it?


I learnt something from this experience though.


1. People are watching you- whether you are conscious of it or not. This means that they don’t have to actually meet and discuss with you before they have an idea of your person


2. Confidence or the lack of it cannot be hidden. People will smell low self-esteem and self-worth even before they meet with you.


Ever observed the steps of  important personalities? They walk with so much confidence and grace because they know the world is their stage.


I count not myself to have apprehended, but I am on my way there. I am a Queen mehn, and I walk like one!!!



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