Time-Out with Bosede Odidi



Hello Fam!


I’m sure by now you know of my love for success stories-especially that of ladies. Well, even if you don’t before, now you do!



I recently had an interview with a former colleague of mine, we were classmates in high school. I had seen on Facebook that she awarded the Best Graduating Student, Department of Banking and Finance at the last convocation ceremony organised by the University of Benin, Edo State, Nigeria.



I was both surprised and inspired, and I made a decision then (last year) to have a chat with her and share her story on the blog. Well, here it is!!!!
May we meet you?
My name is Odidi Bosede,last amongst 6 siblings (all girls). My Dad is Yoruba and mum Edo (Esan). Currently, I am currently a Corps member serving in Asaba, Delta state.



You recently received an award for the Best Graduating Student, Banking and Finance Department,  Uniben. Do tell, how did that come about?



Hmmm. Everything was just by God’s Grace and favour…and I am grateful to God for that. I always prayed to God to be the best in everything I did and He answered my prayers, he was my number 1 strategy. I was also diligent in studying also. I won’t forget all the nights I was up, burning the midnight candles. I’m grateful all of that were not in vain.
It is very common to see ladies distracted because of endless attention from guys. How did you deal with this and stay focused on your academics?



I was very determined to stay focused on my Academic goals.  Yes, guys came and for ladies still in the system, guys will always come. The key however is knowing what you want, and doggedly pursuing your goal (s).


How did you feel when you were called up as the Best Graduating Student, BFN?



I was overwhelmed with joy! I was amazed. I was really grateful to God for the award.



What words of advice do you have to ladies reading this blog?
My dear ladies,the truth is nothing I mean nothing is impossible. The two roads to success in life is God and Determination.
Don’t ever look down on yourself especially when you had a rough beginning. Always keep your head straight,work hard and look ahead because that’s where the future awaits. Your destiny is in your hands so don’t allow others bring you down with the words of their mouth.
Keep good friends. My friend, Stanley Ukpebor is a concrete part of my success story. He always motivated and inspired me to be the best. Keep friends who will inspire you to greatness.

Lastly, always speak positively to yourself and watch God change your story for good😊



Thank you Bose, for this words of wisdom


Thank you so much Onome. I really appreciate the little time I spent doing this. God bless and continue to guide you sister.


1 thought on “Time-Out with Bosede Odidi

  1. Oluwayemisi Ife-Iji (Nee Odidi) January 19, 2016 — 9:05 am

    I am very proud of you darling niece

    Liked by 1 person

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