You Can Have Whatever You Want!

“…..he shall have whatsoever he saith”..Mark 11:23b


Imagine you had the power to command everything you want, Imagine having everything you want just because you said it. Imagine you had a captured genie who has promised to make happen all your desires. Wouldn’t that be cool?- just commanding and having, wouldn’t that be very cool?

Well, you can have everything you want if you only speak it! Yes, you can.

God created the world with the words of his mouth, and you are created in his image and likeness, meaning you have the same power- to create your world with your words.

Yeah, some people may have a idea time believing This simple idea, but that is how it works in the Kingdom, God uses the foolish things to confound the wise.

Some years ago, I had this idea of being a developmental journalist ( if you check out my Google account, you’ll find that description on my profile) I don’t know how or why I conceived of that idea, I didn’t even know what developmental journalism entailed, I didn’t even study journalism for my first degree, so, so!

When I applied for my masters program, there were just 3 specializations- Peace and Governance, Security and Strategic Studies, and Peace and Environment Studies. Guess what, this year, they added a new option- Peace and Development Journalism! I had to rub my eyes twice to be sure I wasn’t day dreaming. Your words create your world!images (45)



So, you should be extremely careful about the things you speak over and into your life. You should equally be careful about what others speak into your life. Words have powerful effect,- both positive and negative words.
Don’t start your day or your week with negative words such as, “The Struggle continues, There is nothing worth living for, My life is useless, and all those other unedifying words we say. Start your day with bold positive declarations like, ‘I am reflecting the glory of God, Everything I touch turns to gold, I am favored, People like and help me, I have a positive influence on others, etc’


Our words form our actions which forms our habits which in turn forms our character and ultimately, our destiny.

It starts with your words. You shall have WHATSOEVER you say!











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