Success: Few Simple Disciplines Practiced Everyday

Success is nothing more than a few simple disciplines practiced everyday- Jim Rohn



We tend to think of success as huge effort. For many of us, success is such an effort that it overwhelms us. The size of the challenge freezes us and we don’t take any steps toward our goal.

Actually, success is usually the sum of many small steps. It is the culmination of many little pieces of effort built up over time. A basketball player’s success today is because he consistently practiced every day. A salesperson’s success was built on picking up the phone and calling customers every day. A person successfully losing weight is because that person consistently ate healthfully and exercised.

When the size of your success is daunting and you find it difficult to do the right actions toward your goal, just put your head down and practice those few vital actions that will add up over time.


This article was written by Jim Wolski on The Seeds 4 Life


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