A Christian Guy vs. A Godly Man

This post captures my thoughts perfectly. There is a huge difference between a godly man- who loves, serves and fears the Lord, and a christian guy who does all of the religious activities without a heart for God. Ladies, ensure your spiritual eyes get trained by The Word to discern the difference between the two!

I enjoyed reading this!

Hannah Jin

Ever since I was in middle school and high school, I was different from many of my friends, who went through boyfriends, that seemed to be at least every other month, while I went through high school without a single boyfriend. I had a different outlook on dating even at a young age, and I thought of dating as something that would ultimately lead into marriage. I wanted a guy that loved the Lord more than anything else and that was the number one thing on my check list. I didn’t like the idea of dating as normally seen in the eyes of teens in today’s society- as something that is superficial and short-term. Now, I’m not saying that everyone sees dating in this way, but society sure hasn’t been very helpful in advocating a culture in younger teens where dating isn’t just about the short-term, physical aspect of it. But it…

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