The Dress Sense (for Prima Donnaz)


Wash thyself therefore, and anoint thee, and put thy raiment upon thee…..” (Ruth 3:3)

Ladies, how are our clothes? Do they fit? Are they neat? Are they updated? What about our hairdo? Is it nice? Does it fit? Is it current? Is it neat? Does it make you chic or ancient? Are our nails well trained? Neat? Attractive? Or do they look like they’ve been dipped in a pool of mud? How about our makeup? Is it mild? Is it face-fitting? Beautiful and attractive or does it look like the work of a bad painter? How is your walking step? Elegant, gentle, feminine? Or masculine? How do you talk? Soft, sweet or like an alpha male? How do you carry yourself? Like a queen who deserves respect? Or like someone without self-worth? How is your demeanor? Pleasant, cheerful, embracive, welcoming, or do they look sour all day long, our smell? Nice scent or a terrible terrible body odour?

A queen shows the world what it means to be stylish, elegant, beautiful and lady-like, blending it with intelligence, wisdom and a strong foundation in God.

A Prima Donna knows who she is, and she understands that the container has to reflect the content!



Ladies, get your swag on! To be christian is to be current, is to be in vogue, is to be updated. Yeah, I said it!!!!
Apart from the Physical aspect of lives, ladies should have a mental dress sense. It has come to my attention that this is an area that is mostly neglected by ladies. Having a beautiful body, beautiful clothes and smile etc will not compensate for having a dull, underdeveloped, empty and unclean mind. Ladies tend to focus more on the Spiritual aspect or the Physical aspect of their being and by so doing, the mind is made to suffer. So we are going to continue with the questions, how is your mind? Is it sharp? Is it being exercised in productive thinking? Can you make meaningful contributions? Have you developed your mind to a level where it can feed others? Can you create? Can you hold an intelligent conversation with someone? Are you diversified? Do you know a little about all things or are you a novice in everything? Do you know read books that will develop you, influence your character and improve you in all dimensions? Do we know our history? Of great minds that have influenced the world? How many problems can you think on and bring solutions to? How is your character? Have you mastered the art of self-control, patience, meekness, kindness? We really should ask ourselves these questions.

A Prima Donna is brilliant, intelligent, witty and productive

It is soooo unchristian to be dull, you cannot shine as light that way. C’est ne pas possible!

Ladies, get your brain on!!!!

We must be mentally beautiful; the world is in need of female wonders! We must commit ourselves to acquiring the right and necessary principles, character, knowledge, skill and information. It’s time to say No to mental nakedness!

We can’t end this discussion without gleaning one last lesson from our text- Spiritual dress code. All we have been saying would be utterly useless, stupid and everything incomplete if our spirit is naked and not dressesd. This is where it starts from. Our Spiritual Dress Code is godliness, righteousness, holiness and purity.


Now, for the Physical and Mental Dress code, the work can be accomplished by our sheer will and determination but not the Spiritual Dress. Without Co-operation with the Holy Spirit, we would be spiritually naked and even If dressed, it would be dirty, and smelly- emitting no spiritual fragrance to our Creator. Only through the Power of Christ and the working of the Holy Spirit in our lives can we be effectively Spiritually Dressed.

Other Spiritual Clothes are found in Ephesians 6:14.

Ladies, get your fire on!!!!!



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