PearlWrytez: City of Good vs City of Evil


This is fact, not fiction
There is a battle ongoing in my heart
It’s like the clash of the titans
Saint Augustine understood this,
perfectly captioned in his ‘City of Good
and of Evil’
For these two cities are constantly at war
never tired, No!
and these two cities in every man’s
heart resides,
and mine is not an exemption

Not even the saints and sages
could be free from this war
Apostle Paul, not free
for the good he wills to do
he does not
and the evil he wills not to do
seems easier to give into
No heart is free
The battle is on,
it has long begun
The City of Good and the City of Evil
My mind- the battlefield

There are so much expectations
and pleas to let the City of Good win
Mama looks to me, and makes me promise
‘To always be good’
On Sundays, I am admonished
and this time, there is a reason
‘The kingdom of God is at hand’
Then there are younger ones also
looking up to me with their mischievous eyes

My soul cries out,
Do they know of this war?
My mind- A testing ground for atomic bombs?
Or am I the only one in this?
For the City of Evil sometimes
overthrows the city of Good
Filthy thoughts, dirty imaginings
Impure motives, sinful actions
their sign of victory

Yet I must not be content
I never am- with the city of evil
While some have accepted Hobbies
description of the ‘Natural Condition of Man’
I refuse to,
The war rages on

There are no rules,
I hear King Uther say
‘It’s a fight to the death’
My mind- the battlefield
Each city fighting to dominate, because
I am not just the battleground,
I am also the prize.

I know whom I should let win,
With an alliance with the City of Good
We will fight, and we will overcome
For, from the beginning, it was not so


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