Scrutinize Your Circles- Wole Soetan

Pst. Wole

It’s a new week Prima Donnaz. I thought to start it off by sharing a piece written by my phenomenal and inspiring Pastor, Wole Soetan of the Commonwealth of Zion Assembly ( COZA ) Ilorin. It blessed me tremendously and I’m sure it will bless you too!



Joshua 1:8a (ISV) This set of instructions is not to cease being a part of your conversations...

The people you associate closely with are a strong force in the level of increase which you are to experience. Saul was an ordinary person who became upgraded as a result of the associations he had. He came into the company of prophets and immediately, the Spirit of the Lord came upon him (1 Samuel 10:10). Solomon mentioned how wisdom is bred in the midst of wise people (Prov 13:20)

Associations are important because of the conversations that take place within them. Certain words are never spoken in some arenas simply because of the people in them. Some thought processes never crop up in some gatherings! An association of billionaires hardly meet to complain about rising exchange rates. They rather discuss with excitement how to benefit from it. What kind of associations are you involved in? Who are the friends you have surrounded yourself with? Do your friends revel in godly fellowship or recoil from it? Do your friends make you daring in your faith or do they dissolve it?

Joshua 1:8, our road map to success, clearly outlines that you deliberately position yourself in an atmosphere where the Word of God is an interesting topic. If you are not experiencing the upgrade you desire, it just may be time to take responsibility and switch your circle of friends.


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