Until Successful- Wole Soetan

Joshua 1:8b… for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success

The law of focus requires that we are in whatever we do for the long haul. We do not do things for mundane reasons, neither are we mere project starters who can’t bring to completion. This verse of scripture aptly brings out 2 important points: it tells us that our efforts will produce a result, and that result is success.

Our heavenly Father is success-focused, and we are to imitate Him in all we do. He does not dialogue with our trials in the present; He boldly announces His unstoppable plans. (Isa 43:19, Job 42:1) He is the One who calls a slave-boy prosperous, (Gen 39:2) a timid Gideon “mighty man of valour”, (Jud 6:12) and a High-Father the Father of Many Nations. (Gen 17:5). God saw the disastrous famine and sent Joseph ahead to save the world. Joseph’s brothers wanted to take his life but God was using that exact situation to save their own lives! (Gen 45:5 NLT) It was Joseph’s purpose all along to be an administrator in Egypt. He is a God who always sees success.

Just as God is focused on success, we must mentally see success in whatever we focus on and keep pushing until we get it. So that like Paul, we can boldly say that we have finished the race. God doesn’t embark on unfinished projects, He completes what He starts. Imitate Him.




1 thought on “Until Successful- Wole Soetan

  1. Nice write-up, excellent and highly on point.


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