Whatever Is Flexible and Flowing Will Tend to Grow, Whatever Is Rigid and Blocked Will Wither and Die – Tao Te Ching

In this universe, change is a constant.  Everything is locked within a dance of motion, fluctuation, and evolution – it’s happening at different rates all around us and that includes within ourselves.  A key to our personal growth is learning to accept this change, not fear it.  Harness its power, not resist.  Find the benefit, not the detriment.

Imagine for a moment you are standing at the oceans edge.  Observing as the waves of water crash violently into the wall of rocks that separate land from ocean. Quick – Which is stronger, water or rock?

To the casual observer, water might appear extremely weak. As you witness it crashing against the rocks, the rocks don’t appear to budge.  The water simply breaks apart, defeated, before slowly draining back into the ocean from whence it came. In fact, you could spend many years watching that exact spot, see no change, and come to the same conclusion, rocks must be stronger than water…but you’d be wrong.  Those rocks, and their rigid, firm exterior are slowly losing the war. It is waters resolve to keep coming back.  It’s waters willingness to be flexible, to change and adapt that makes it stronger than rock.  Come back in a few million years and you’ll surely see a different story.

Have you ever seen a plant sprout through concrete? Ever visited the Grand Canyon? It wasn’t chiseled by hand.  It was waters consistent assault, its flow and willingness to change – to seep through every small crack, saturate every crevice exposed by the rock – it was the slow dissolving of the minerals within the rock that carved that wonder of the world.

You might be in a dark place right now, struggling to deal with the overwhelming changes in your life.  Fear of that next obstacle to come.  But know that change is nothing to fear, it’s a fundamental law of the universe, and to really grow, to expand your life, your skills, your happiness, you must accept and flow with the change, not resist.  Picture yourself like water.  You might get knocked back by the rocks of life, but don’t give up.  Keep coming back, be willing to adapt your approach and your mindset.  Find those openings and give it your best shot.  If it doesn’t go your way, step back, adjust if you must, and give it another go.  You will break through eventually, don’t quit!

So don’t resist the forces of change, accept it and use it to help you grow.  Flow through life like water and you can overcome anything that you face.


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