“Yesterday’s Excellence is Today’s Mediocrity”

I’ve heard before that the greatest obstacle to a man’ success is not failure but his past success. This is so profound. Too many people live their lives reveling in past glory that they forget in live in the now and achieve new levels of success. In other words, so many people live in their yesterdays.

It’s common to see people talk about the glorious past they once had, or how that they used to be in the best in their primary schools, or how they had so much wealth in the past, or how they used to embark on tremendous spiritual exercises etc. While it is good to celebrate your past feats, over celebration may keep you stuck and bound and you may find yourself revolving around an outdated achievement.

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No matter how glorious your yesterday was, it cannot be better than the future God has prepared for you. Let that sink in. Pro . 4:18 describes the path of a righteous man (woman)- their path keeps shining brighter,  they don’t have better yesterdays, ther best days are in front of them, not behind.

Your past successes are only meant for 2 things- to learn lessons, and to give God glory. Other than that, move on!!!!!

There are new grounds to break, new territories to conquer, new books to read, new skills to learn, new opportunities to explore, new relationships to initiate and maintain, so MOVE ON!!!!!!

Apostle Paul said he forgets the things behind him, he doesn’t get trapped in his past. He presses on, moves forward, and achieve new levels of success. Yesterday’s success is Today’s mediocrity. Move on!!!!!




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