March 2016: Great God, Great Goals, Great Results

Hullo Prima Donnaz, the last month for me was choked with a whole lot of activities that I found it difficult even time consuming to blog 😥 Even my Facebook page where I am very active was affected. Last month, I hosted a program and wrote my 1st semester exams which was really STRESSFUL. I had to direct all of my focus in that direction in order to yield maximum results. I’m grateful that that chapter of my life is O-V-E-R! I’m back, and better!!!

Two things I learnt last month

1. A vision/goal/desire strengthens you. Having a goal or a vision in your heart gives you strength and propels you to keeping striving until you are successful. In whatever you do therefore,  it is important and wise to have a goal for it, so you don’t end up having uncompleted assignments /projects. Last year, I decided I was going to have excellent results in my education. This gave me strength despite the fact that I had to juggle a lot of courses in the first semester. It wasn’t so easy but I had a goal in my heart which strengthened me to do well!


2. Relying on God gives peace of mind. Trust me, the best way to experience peace of mind is just trusting in God and in his love for you. He’ll be to you whatever you need him to be. He’ll show up for you and surpass your expectations. I love the scripture which says, ‘You will keep in perfect peace the man whose eyes are stayed on thee’  (paraphrased). I had planned for a program (last month), gotten ‘yeses’ from the speakers and set up the stage for the program. It was now time for people to register for the program. Initially,  I was a bit apprehensive and doubtful but then I decided to trust in God’s ability to do amazing things. The result? Over 170 ladies registered for the program, we had participants from Hungary, Ireland, Senegal and of course Nigeria! The program was all shades of fantamazing!


March for me was amazing. I had great goals, a GREAT GOD, and great results! How was March for you? What do you think you should do differently in April? Remember, you can’t keep doing the same things and experience different results.

April will be better.


Let’s be great together.


Onome Pearl Oraka.








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