Inside Out: Redefining Beauty in Contemporary Times- Funto Ibuoye


I am a strong believer of the fact that women can and should HAVE IT ALL! Who says that you cannot be a woman with a bag of degrees, running a beautiful home, building a successful business/career and fulfilling purpose?

The only person stopping you from becoming ALL that God created you to be is YOU! No one else can stop you except you stop yourself. Let me start by saying God created every woman beautiful… If you ever see anyone woman, who looks like she’s ugly, she has not discovered her beauty God designed us women to be beautiful… Our hair, skin and other features were created to be soft and appealing; our bodies are fashioned to be beautiful and attractive to men.

I love to look really good. I love to have my makeup, hair, shoes and everything always on point. I like to enter a room and hear people pay me compliments while I smile back gracefully and say “thank you” Most ladies have this habit of not being able to receive compliments, for instance when someone comments on something nice they have on say a necklace for instance, instead of just accepting and saying thank you, they say something like “ah this necklace that I’ve had since 1994, I was thinking of throwing it away sef. ..” That is a bad habit and a sign of low self-esteem. As women we should learn to accept compliments and also give compliments to our fellow sisters… when you see a lady who is beautiful, nothing stops you from complimenting her… her beauty does not rub away your own beauty.. We are all beautiful in our own way!



Nowhere does the bible mention that looking beautiful is a sin. Matter of fact, the bible mentions several ladies who were very beautiful to behold- remember Sarah? Abraham had to lie to the Egyptians that she was his sister because she was too beautiful, what about Rachel- Jacob worked 14 years just to have her… and Esther? The Bible says she had a good figure and a beautiful face, little wonder the king chose her.
All these women were very beautiful but one major thing that stood them out was that, they did not focus their entire life on their outward beauty… They understood that their beauty was not just about them but it was to attract people to God’s Kingdom and for His purpose. This is where most ladies miss it in these contemporary times… you find very beautiful ladies who are proud and arrogant simply because they are beautiful and when you even try to start a conversation with them, you are easily put off because of their attitude. They are so full of themselves and think their beauty is a right to be rude and arrogant when you even talk further with them, you discover that they have nothing in their brains; empty heads. (Pardon my french), but I see a lot of women like this these days and it just breaks my heart.


So what does it mean to be truly beautiful in this generation?


We have already established that God created us as women to be beautiful and it is very OK to look beautiful and to take care of your looks and body… I like to stress this fact because most people like to take the passage in 1st Peter 3:3-4 out of context.


The bible is not saying that our outer appearance is not necessary, if it was not necessary, the same bible would not have said man looks at the outward but God look at the inward…We only see and judge people based on their outward appearances and so you have to make sure you have a most presentable outward appearance.


Like I wrote in my book- Beautified, nobody looks at someone the first time and says “oh wow, see that sense of humor in that lady!” You cannot know a lady has a sense of humor by just looking at her; it is until you’ve spoken to her a few times before you can discover that. But immediately people see you, they can within 5 seconds, tell the kind of person they perceive you to be just by your appearance.


So our appearance and beauty is very important as women… even for men also… that’s why we have women searching for tall, dark and handsome guys. Back to the passage, it’s not saying that our appearance is not necessary, but rather, it is saying that what matters MOST is not our appearance or physical beauty. In other words, don’t let your physical beauty define you… There should be so much more to you than just a pretty face Your physical beauty should not be your priority. It should not replace other important aspects of your life A truly beautiful woman is admired for both her inner qualities and physical appearance I have made an acronym for BEAUTIFIED and I will go through each letter to further explain what it means to be truly beautiful.

So what does it mean to be truly beautiful in these contemporary times…
BEAUTIFIED-To be beautified means that you cultivate your inward such that your outward GLOWS


Beautiful– be beautiful. Let there be an unexplainable glow about you that makes people just effortlessly love you. I am sure you’ve met some women who just seeing for the first time, you just love them and it’s not because of their physical beauty, there’s just something about them that you really cannot explain…that’s true beauty, be that kind of woman.


Excellent– be excellent. As a woman, be sure that you do everything no matter how big or small with excellence. If you would not give anything your very best, then don’t do it. Let your life preach excellence. And excellence is not about perfection. It’s about doing things the right way with the right attitude.


Admirable– be admirable. Be a woman worthy of admiration. Let people old or young see you and just say in their minds “I want to be like this woman”.

Unique. Be YOU! Nobody can be ‘you-er’ than you! Don’t try to copy or be like anybody, rather try to be the best version of yourself! Stand out in your own way. You cannot make a difference if you’re not different.


Talented– God gave every single person a talent; it’s up to you to discover what that talent is and use it. Whatever your talent is, be sure to use it to bless people and glorify God.


Intelligent: Don’t be a beauty without brains. One of the things that put me off most is seeing very beautiful ladies without ordinary common sense. As a woman, it is important that you know everything about one particular thing and something about everything else… so if you are a medical doctor for instance, make sure you know all you need to know about medical science so you can have an intelligent discussion about it even from your sleep. Also know a thing or two about other things like politics, sports, economy, fashion, so when you stumble on a conversation you will be able to contribute intelligently.


Favoured: The only way to be truly favoured is to be in tune with God’s grace. The grace of God on the life of a woman is what gives her that glow that people cannot really explain. Like I say always, beauty without grace is useless.


Inspiring– Be inspiring, let everything you say and do inspire other to think, speak and act positively.


Exceptional– Be so good at what you do that people, Kings and nations from afar of come searching for you. Be so good that people begin to say “if it is not you, then I don’t want anybody else.”


Delightful– Be full of joy and pleasant. The world is filled with women who always have a scowl on their face; always carrying a long face like the problems of the world is on their heads. Don’t be that kind of woman. Be so full of joy daily that when people who are sad see you, their sadness disappears. Nobody likes to be around a moody person. Learn to laugh (even at yourself sometimes), play and rejoice. Rejoicing is the language of heaven and there’s so much evil happening in the world today that can keep people sad and always angry, but the Holy Spirit helps us to keep our joy daily.

So that’s it- BEAUTIFIED
Beautiful Excellent Admirable Unique Talented, Intelligent, Favoured, Inspiring, Exceptional Delightful.

A woman is only truly beautiful when her beauty reflects unto others.
Thank you every one for taking the time to follow through my ‘talk’ I pray that God gives each and every one the grace to indeed be truly beautiful women! You can also follow me on Twitter – @Funto_I or on instagram @ifunto
God bless you all once again.


This lecture was given at Prima Donnaz program, ‘ High Heels In High Places’ on May 3, 2015.


2 thoughts on “Inside Out: Redefining Beauty in Contemporary Times- Funto Ibuoye

  1. Mayekogbon Ayomide August 13, 2016 — 3:10 am

    Wow…. Inspiring and admirable @ifunto


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