BeautySeries: 01- Desire To Be Beautiful

Hello Prima Donnaz,

I trust that this meets you well. For the next couple of days, I’ll be undergoing a study on ‘Beauty’ based on scriptures and sharing my findings with you. Today, I’ll start with the ‘Desire to be beautiful’.

It’s every woman’s desire to appear beautiful; it’s a consensual desire amongst ladies to look beautiful and appealing to our audience. It’s not a wrong desire or a selfish one, after all God made all things bright and beautiful. In a bid to fulfill this desire, we do all sorts: applying one skin care product after another, learning and applying all of the makeup on our faces, fixing all of the beautiful Brazilian, Peruvian or Mongolian weaves, getting all of the designer handbags and shoes and some even go as far as getting a surgery…or surgeries (depending on how much of themselves they are willing to alter). All of these are driven by a desire: To look beautiful. Now, fulfilling this desire is not a bad thing in itself, but quite unfortunately, this is where we miss it.


Although it’s okay to want to appear beautiful, but the question is ‘What is the standard and definition of beauty? Is it the world or the Word? Rom. 12:2, tells Christians to not get conformed to the mold of this world, not to pattern our lives according to the world’s way of thinking. The world’s definition of beauty is shallow; placing much emphasis on the externals, the Word’s definition of beauty is deep, placing more emphasis on your ‘internals’. So, here we have a contrast: While beauty for the world is a lighter skin; a perfect model-like body and a drop dead gorgeous look, beauty for the Word starts from the inner self, the unfading beauty of a gentle and quiet spirit, which is of great worth in God’s sight (1 Peter. 3:4). I love the way the MSG bible puts it: “Cultivate inner beauty, the gentle, gracious kind that God delights in’. While the world’s standard of beauty is subject to change (as clothes, shoes, hairstyles will always go out of date), the Word’s standard of beauty is constant, never-changing.



Now, this is not to condemn striving to look beautiful outwardly, but what good is a beautiful physical appearance without strength of character? What good is having a beautiful face which fades at the expense of having a beautiful, sweet spirit? To fulfill this desire of being beautiful, we must start from the Inside. True beauty, the one that lasts, that never fades, that endures the test of time, that is never out of date or out of season, that the world cannot get enough, that bring joy to God’s heart, is from the Inside- Out.




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