BeautySeries : 02- Being Pretty or Being Beautiful?

1. Jane is the hottest girl in Accounting Department at the University of Small town. She has all the nice clothes, shoes, a very attractive face and even has a pet. Jane is also dating the hottest boy in the department, yeah, the one whose smile makes the ladies knees go weak. All Lizzy wants is to be Jane’s friend, so she tries all that she can, and eventually gets accepted in Jane’s clique. Suddenly, Lizzy begins to see that Jane is not all that awesome- she’s rude, proud, manipulative, and impatient and puts down people in order to make herself look good.

2. Freda meets Lizzy at the Department’s restaurant. Lizzy and Freda rarely speak to each other although they have been in the same class for 3 years. At the restaurant, Freda notices that Lizzy is wearing a sad face and decides to find out what the problem is. Freda finds out that Lizzy is being maltreated by Jane, has problems at home, and doesn’t understand COS 317, 312, 314 and 320. Lizzy, empathetic decides to help. A friendship blossoms from there. Lizzy discovers that Freda is real, kind, helpful, patient, and humble and inspires others to be their best.


If you were asked to choose between being pretty and being beautiful, which would you choose? I think that you’d go for ‘being Beautiful’. Almost every lady is consumed with this desire to look, appear, feel beautiful. This shows in the shopping habits, the wardrobes, the constant appointment with the saloon, the overwhelming love for makeup, and uploading of the finest pictures to Instagram to get 1 million likes (yeah right).
In actual sense however, what all of those (activities) accomplishes is making us ‘pretty’ not ‘beautiful’. So, yes, we are attractive, appealing, charming, some may even add ‘steaming’ or ‘hot’ but not beautiful. True beauty is not ‘makeup’, is a makeover from the Inside- Out. A truly beautiful lady glow because of the quality of her spirit, she may not have the best of clothes, shoes or handbags, but hey, they don’t define her in the first place.
True beauty is defined by the quality of your character not by the quality of your face. Remember, God’s standard of beauty places more emphasis on being gentle and gracious instead of being drop dead gorgeous. Be beautiful, start from the Inside –Out.


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