BeautySeries: 03- Imitating Christ

The more we look like Christ, the more beautiful we become. No, I am not referring to facial appearance but having Christ like characteristics. When we take on Christ’s nature which is selfless, full of compassion and love, we become beautiful. The extent to which we act like Christ is the extent to which we are beautiful.

Imitating Christ requires two things. The first is loving God and making him the center of our attraction. But how do you love someone you hardly know? Love comes as a result of knowledge. In order to love God, you have to spend time praying (communicating with God) and studying his word. People who spend time with God glow. It happened with Moses: after spending time with God on the mountain, his face shone so much that he had to use a veil to cover his face so he could communicate with the people he was leading. It happened also to Jesus on the Mountain of Transfiguration. Scripture say, ‘his countenance was as lightning, and his raiment as white as snow’. True beauty glows from the inside and that glow comes from spending time with God.

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The second thing is loving others. We must learn to be selfless, and not overly caught up in and with ourselves. Some people have little or no space in their hearts to accommodate people, Jesus had room enough for the world. Imitating Jesus includes sacrificing comfort for the benefit of others, serving people, lending a helping hand to the needy etc. This can be done in very simple ways: From giving your seat to that old lady standing in the bus to sending inspiring mails to friends and relatives, giving your time to community developmental projects, to rendering assistance to that new mother in your neighbourhood etc.

No one said imitating Christ will be easy but practice sure makes perfect. Being beautiful is imitating Christ. How will you imitate Christ today?

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