BeautySeries:04- The Different Mirrors

In our search for beauty, we look to three different mirrors to validate us. These mirrors are our parents, peers and culture. The very first mirror are our parents.  As children, we ask them questions such as, ‘Am I beautiful? Does my dress fit? Do you think I’m pretty etc. And for much of our state as children, we believed everything that they told us…Till our friends started to give us their -sometimes-unsolicited-for-opinions- Your dress looks ugly, you look ugly with your braces (We’ve all had our fair share of this, should I call it torture?) At this stage, our friends become our mirror, and we only accept that we are beautiful when and if our friends drop a nice comment about our looks. In order to gain their validation, we find ourselves spending a whole lot of time in front of the mirror and doing all sorts, so that we can appear ‘dope’.

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Then, we also look at our cultures. We ask ourselves questions such as, ‘Am I as beautiful as that actress?, ‘Is my cloth in vogue? Am I as shapy as that woman? Social media does not help us here. A study showed that Instagram is the greatest source of envy today, and this has been said to have a drastic effect on our self-esteem. We scroll through the pictures of our friends, acquaintances, models etc, see their seemingly beautiful lives as depicted by their flawless pictures, sorry, makeups 🙂 and fun get jealous about how that they have perfect lives, the very opposite of our own.

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Well, if these mirrors are what validate your beauty, then I’m happy to tell yo that you will ALWAYS FALL SHORT. We only see our true beauty when we look at ourselves through God’s eyes, through the mirror of his word. What does God’s word say about you? Do you even know?

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A poem I love so much goes thus:

If you look at the word, you will be depressed
If you look within, you will be distressed
If you look at the Savior, you will be at rest.

What mirror are you looking at?


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