BeautySeries: 05- Absolute Dependency

True beauty begins where self reliance ends. Daily, we are faced with challenges of life as well as hardships, which sometimes succeeds in getting us to turn away from God to focus on self for solutions, ideas, solace and strength. We may even have used the mantra, ‘Heaven help those who help themselves’ to justify our lack of faith and trust in God in such trying times. However, when we choose to focus on self rather than on God, we lose our peace. Please do tell, what is beauty without peace? Isa. 26:3 states that ..”God will keep in perfect peace, the (wo)man whose mind is stayed on him…”


Certain things happen when we choose to depend on God. Isaiah 61:3 spells some of these out: In the stead of ashes we receive beauty, in the stead of mourning we receive the oil of journey, and in exchange for the spirit of heaviness, we receive the garment of praise! True beauty begins with absolute dependency on God, on his love, on his strength and grace.


Truth is that in the course of our lives, we will find ourselves in situations that will challenge our faith, patience and joy, in such times rather than turning to self or people for answer, turn to God, he will keep you in ‘ Perfect Peace’. Peace is beautiful,  and it begins with absolute dependency on God.

How will you be beautiful today?


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