Pillars of Sexual Purity- Matthew Femi-Adedoyin

Until a guy is declared yours by reason of marriage, you have no right to his privates. Quickly, let me share some pillars with you.

Pillar One: No one has the right to go down there without owning the meter! The meter must be bought with a price. People who understand Yoruba must have heard something like ‘meter ko si meter ni‘ (means there is no meter in the vagina). You are a price that is absolutely priceless. You cannot be bought with money, gifts, trips abroad, diamonds, rubies, pearls, airtime – yes, I mean recharge card. My question to you is “HAS HE BOUGHT THE METER BEFORE GIVING HIM THE PRIVILEGE OF READING IT? Omalicha, biko stop giving your boyfriend husband privileges.

Pillar Two: Ladies, the way you carry yourselves is very crucial. It spells sexuality or sensuality. When a man walks past us, what runs through his mind? Is it I want to sleep with her or I’d like to hold her in my life forever? You exude aromas…consciously or unconsciously. Your poises, the look, the walk, clothes, speech, pitch; everything speaks! It is called Considered-Dressing.   MYTH:  The experience of sex is only a copulating of genitals: penis and vagina. There is more to sex than sexual intercourse.

Pillar Three: Do not allow his “THE ROD OF CORRECTION” enter into “WET TUNNEL” unless he has officially paid for it. And the payment is done with MARRIAGE.

Pillar Four: Your bodies are truly beautifully crafted. You are wrapped gifts. You are delicate and need to be unwrapped with skill and patience. Who told you that the first taste of the pudding determines the entire meal. Love making is a rare gift that is served on a platter that tastes differently for each of you.
Listen, it is worth the wait. Salivating leads us into trouble. Dating is for discourse NOT intercourse. Our anatomy depicts our two legs representing the pillars that keep the wrong man away. Close your legs. With buckling knees, stand up tall and walk past with your head high. Why settle for the bar tender who is trying to bribe his way into the tunnel when the real owner is a knock away?

What if you’ve been sexually active? Yes, I hear you say you have been sexually active since you can remember and you don’t see a way out. Place value on your body. A rumpled N1000 is still worth every kobo of N1000. The point is will you allow this N1000 be torn, used and thrown away? What are you saying to yourself? What is your worth? The first solution is admitting you have a problem, then deciding you want solution by speaking out. The first solution to every problem is speaking out, and getting accountability partner.

In my 7 years’ experience as a sex recovery consultant, I have found that self-righteous moralists are those with the biggest people with sexual issue and they hide in their shadow. You know why? The church expects them to be whole the moment they gave their life to Christ. They ignore the issues they have and pretend to be complete and perfect without any problem but deep inside their shadow is screaming“ I still live here, I am not gone yet, get rid of me but they ignore and pretend in church.

WHAT WE CAN’ T BE WITH WON’T LET US BE. I am here to help you resolve your issues; I am here to help you get better. I am not your pastor, I won’t judge you, I won’t condemn you, and I will only walk you through the road of recovery. You matter to me, let me help you through.


Matthew Adedoyin
Matthew Adedoyin

My contacts:
FB: Matthew Femi Adedoyin
Twitter/Instagram: @adedoyinmatthew
BB: 55C67975


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