#Discovery: Through Service


One of the ways to discover oneself is through service. I have discovered a lot about myself through this noble path. Some years ago, I was (by an election of grace) plucked away from a service group where not much talent was needed to serve as the Asst. Coordinator of a unit called Press and Media. It was a new territory for me, and I had no idea of what was expected of me. However, I was willing to serve. The young man whose assistant I was (God bless his heart) made it clear from Day One that he wasn’t going to go soft on me because I was a ‘new comer’. So, he treated me like an ‘experienced scribe’. I remember always having weekly assignments and I had to unfailingly deliver on all of them.

I remember going back to my room, tasking my brain for ideas, rehearsing in front of my mirror, consulting my dictionaries, praying, getting angry, having breakthrough ideas, completing my assignments, presenting them to the unit members, receiving feedbacks which was most times positive. With time, I settled to my ‘new life’, which was both exciting and challenging for me.

What this service opened me up to was my ‘ability to write’. Every work I have done; every editorial work, every blog post, every article, every journalistic piece, every inspiring Facebook post, has been possible because of that discovery.

Similarly, I have discovered some other giftings, talents, passions through service; Prima Donnaz was as a result of some service.

Last year, at a program, Mfon Ekpo said, ‘One of the ways to discover yourself is through experiments’. I thought that too audacious at first, but my doubts were clarified in the course of her session when she added, ‘What I mean by experiment is really service’.

An unwrapped gift profits nobody. An undiscovered talent helps no one and can never be celebrated.

There are no talentless people, only people who are unwilling to serve.

The more you give of yourself, the more of yourself you discover.


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