The “Why” of Purpose


I receive a lot of messages from Ladies asking about how they can discover their purpose. This was the same question I had in my mind some years back. I read a lot of books, listened to a lot of messages and asked a lot of questions, all in a bid to understand the subject and discover what I was designed to do. Guess what? I’m still discovering myself and what I was designed for. Last week Saturday, I got another book on Purpose from a friend. It’s really an exciting journey. Discovering and Walking in purpose transforms your life totally.

‘Purpose doesn’t ‘have to be something shrouded in mystery. Last Month, I discussed “The Purpose Driven Lady”with 32 beautiful Ladies. I have culled from the discussion some of the things shared. Enjoy reading!

Facts about Purpose

  1. Purpose precedes creation. In other words, before we were conceived in the wombs of our mothers, a purpose had existed before us.
  2. Nothing was created without purpose. Relating this to our physical environment, we’d discover that nothing created/invented/designed/produced by man was made without a purpose. In that same vein, everything God created had a purpose attached to it.
  3. We don’t determine purpose, we discover it. Purpose is defined as the predestined plan of God for our lives. A television set for example does not determine its function, its manufacturer does. It’s not up to us to determine our purpose; it is older than us, existing even before we were conceived.



Why should a Lady be Purpose driven?

Walking in Purpose brings Glory to God. When we walk in line with God’s purpose for our lives, when we strive to fill/meet the need he created us to fill/meet, we bring him much pleasure.

Walking in Purpose focuses our lives. Someone once said, “Man was not created to do everything, he was created to do one thing”. When you discover that one thing that you were created to do, you can focus all of your energy, strength, time, resources, talents in that direction. This yields maximum results. Consider a broom; it cannot achieve much if its sticks are separated. But when its members are bound together, it becomes more effective.


Walking in Purpose strengthens us. A  wise man said once, “Hard work does not kill, wrong work does. When you walk in purpose, there is an unusual release of strength, of passion. You do not struggle with life, because you will naturally enjoy doing what you were designed to do.

Walking in Purpose makes us attractive. There is an outburst of unusual joy, satisfaction and strength in the life of a lady walking in her purpose. This has absolutely nothing to do with physical beauty and everything to do with inner beauty. There is glow around the lives of people fulfilling their purpose. This makes them attractive.

Walking in Purpose makes our lives meaningful. Discovering purpose shifts your life from mere existence to actual living.

On Friday, we will discover the “How” of Purpose.

See you soon.


Onome Pearl Oraka


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