The “How”of Purpose


So, on Wednesday we talked about the ‘Why ‘ of Purpose. Excited but confused on how to go about discovering purpose? Fret not!


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Ask God. It’s really that simple. Ask him why he created you (Matt. 7:7). When Paul encountered God on his way to persecute Christians in Damascus, he asked a question. ‘What will thou have me do Lord’. If you haven’t asked that question yet, now is a good time to do so.

Pay attention to your gifts/talents. Your gift is anything God has given to you to make you stand out (Jer. 18:16). Pay attention to those things you do without stress, to your natural inclinations, to the things you naturally excel at. When you discover them, improve on them. God expects us to trade with our talents, not to hide them under a mat like that unfaithful servant in scriptures.

Serve. Through service we discover ourselves. Mfon Ekpo said, ‘One of the ways to discover oneself is through experiments. She went further, ‘What I mean by experiments is really service’. The more you give of yourself, the more of yourself you discover.’


Listen to your Heart. Your heart here actually refers to your passions. What makes your heart tick? What gets you excited? These are some pointers to what you should be doing It’s important to exercise a word of caution here. Passion can actually be twisted by the devil such that we begin to use it the wrong way. Paul was passionate about God’s kingdom but went about persecuting Jesus’ disciples. We must endeavor to walk with the Holy Spirit to help us fulfill God’s plan and not to walk against it.

Past Experiences. Have you seen a Lady abused by men in the past setting up a foundation to fight against the menace? Have you seen someone whose childhood neighborhood had no access to clean drinking water initiating a project to save others from that same experience? Have you seen a breast cancer survivor establishing a non-governmental organization to fight against the epidemic? If we can only be attentive, we will discover that nothing happens to us without a reason.

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Let me quickly add here:

Purpose will require divine assistance because it is bigger than us. And what God really wants is to work with us. So, if you can do it all by yourself, it’s not purpose (Jer. 1:7-8)

Anything you are designed to do must bring glory to God (Isa. 43:7, John 7:4)

If you are envious about someone, it’s a sign that you’ve not discovered your purpose or are not walking in it. 😊


Living a life of Purpose really is Everything!






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