The Natural Mirror- Man

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Nature truly has made us mirrors. “We cannot but reflect what is passing through before us.  It is a truth we cannot deny: you are walking across the street, and a little child runs before a car; you shrink as if you were the one in danger. You see an older man laughing heartily with his son, your face lights up and you have on your face a subconscious smile. You are in the company of intellectuals for a whole day; you come back a little bit brighter, obviously transformed by the immensity of information. You spend a weekend with a Spiritual man and you come back with a deeper resolute, a stronger commitment and a deeper knowledge of the person of God. It happens to everyone, Man will surely be transformed by the company he keeps and the books he reads, as often as he spends more time with both groups, the more he reflects their character, the greater the temerity of their influence upon him.

As a Christian what and whom do you reflect? By their fruits we know them, we can hardly pretend, Nature has made us mirrors, as we see, as we hear, so do we become. Moses understood this, for every time he went up the mountain to commune with God, he came back with the glory of God on his face. His face shone so much that the Israelites could not look at him. He had to cover his face with a veil in order not to be an outcast to his followers. The early Christians also understood this, people who watched them quickly came to the conclusion that these people were reflecting someone- Christ, and these non-followers of Christians gave the followers of Christ the name Christians. What would people call you by the fruit you produce? Whom will people see when they look at you? Will they see Christ and his passion in your eyes, will they see God and be content in the arms of his love? Or will they find that you are no different from the world itself?

“But we Christians have no veil over our faces; we can be mirrors that brightly reflect the glory of the Lord. And as the Spirit of the Lord works within us, we become more and more like him”  2nd Cor. 3:18 (TLB).

We understand that we reflect what we look at, just as a mirror gives you the perfect image of yourself. As Christians therefore, we can become more and more like God. How? By becoming mirrors, that will reflect him in totality. For all whom will carry the image of the Lord in their hearts, who will set their hearts to be students of the word and make conscious and practical steps in becoming what he has read, that man will surely and gradually be changed into God’s image.

However, there is a warning. “Whoever puts his hands to the plough and looks back, will not make it”. His journey will be slow and his efforts: ineffective, ineffectual and useless. Yes! A double minded man is in grave danger; he won’t accomplish much, if he accomplishes anything at all.

This is indeed the greatest attainment of a Christian (wo)man- reflecting Christ.

You are a mirror and it is Christ you should reflect!



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