Melody Adesoye- Why do I keep getting it wrong?

Why do I keep getting it wrong in relationships? This has been the question of many a number of ladies, and for many years. Well, while you are still pondering over that question, I have bucket loads more you should ask yourself!
1. Am I emotionally ready to stay beside my man? (Not before or beside him).
2.How much do I know about men? How many good books have I read?
3.  It’s not just going to be my man and me! Can I get along well with his friends and family?
4. Do I understand what it means to submit to him as he Christ leads us? (I assume you already know what it means to be totally submitted to Christ before any other man).
5. I have the picture of the type of guy I want. Will the guy want my type of lady?


Beautiful Melody
Beautiful Melody

6. Whose instructions do I follow?
7. Am I ready to obey Gods leading (if God says it’s Bro Daniel and his lip is not the type you’ve been praying for, would you still follow?)
8. Do I obey the authorities God has placed over my life? (Pastor, Parent….)
9. How much of my Pastor’s instructions do I obey?
10. Do I obey totally or I modify the instructions to suit my own desires?

If you sincerely answer these questions, you’d see why you keep getting it wrong!

I’d see you soon, but till then… Love God, Love yourself, Love people.


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