Wisdom like Abigail


If as a child you ever read “My Book of Bible Stories”, then you would have come across the story of Abigail (1 Sam. 25:3-33). As a child, I really loved that story.  David- the-would-be King of Israel, and his men had worked for Abigail’s husband Nabal, however when it was time for payment, Nabal bluntly refused to pay up. Does this remind you of some bosses? Long story short, David, infuriated at Nabal’s conduct led his army to plunder Nabal’s properties as well as destroy his household.

On hearing what had transpired between her husband and David’s men from the mouth of a servant, Abigail quickly made preparations and took gifts to appease David. Half-way to launching their attack on Nabal’s household, David and his men were met by Abigail. She fell to the ground, and spoke from a heart of wisdom to David, giving him reasons why he should rethink his decision. After their conversation, David’s heart melted, his decision was overturned and Abigail was praised for her sound judgement.

Abigail saved her household from destruction not because she was beautiful, but because she possessed wisdom. In fact, the first time she was introduced in the bible, we were told of her wisdom,

A man in Maon who had land at Carmel was very rich. He had three thousand sheep and a thousand goats. He was cutting the wool off his sheep at Carmel. His name was Nabal, and he was a descendant of Caleb. His wife was named Abigail. She was wise and beautiful, but Nabal was cruel and mean. (1 Sam 25: 2-3, NCV, emphasis mine)

For me, it is instructive that she was first described as a “wise woman”, before she was described as a “beautiful woman”. Beauty does not prevent destruction; wisdom does. Didn’t God lament the destruction of his people because of their lack of knowledge? (Hosea 4:6) Wisdom prevents destruction.

Every problem a man has is a wisdom problem. If you know what to do, you’ll get better results. I‘m sure you know of the latter part of the story, Nabal died exactly 10 days later, and David sent for Abigail who became his wife. Talk about elevation! In 10 days, she moved from being the wife of a fool (Nabal) to the wife of a King because of Wisdom! If there is any virtue you should possess as a lady, it is wisdom. Wisdom will attract the right kind of people into your life. Now, that you know the importance of having wisdom, boldly declare:

“I have wisdom like Abigail

My heart is filled with God’s wisdom

I do not open my mouth in foolishness

I have the wisdom of God in my heart and on my lips

Because I have wisdom, I am protected from destruction

Where others fail, I soar because I possess wisdom

Every day, God floods my heart with wisdom

I have enough wisdom to protect myself and my household from destruction

I am described by many as a woman who is wise

I have solutions to problems because I possess wisdom

I have solution to societal problems because I possess wisdom

Everywhere I go, I demonstrate the wisdom of God

People come to me for advice because I have wisdom

I have wisdom to lead, wisdom to teach, wisdom to protect, wisdom to live!

I have wisdom in great proportions.

Just like Abigail, I have wisdom!



1 thought on “Wisdom like Abigail

  1. wise illustrations.. weldone Onome


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